Dear Foot...

I'm beginning to notice a pattern with Ryder's shirts.  Do you see what I see?

It's time to upsize.  Unless he wants to look like his girlfriend, Dora or something.  He seems he wants to look just like her ... 

Wasn't Saturday BEAUTIFUL?  We thought so!

After pulling weeds, we went to the park and Ryder got to slide for the first time.  Only downfall was that he kept getting shocked.

He wasn't too sure about the twisty twirly slide at first (I wasn't either).

Oh, he did great.

I wanted a turn, but I was kind of nervous.  I was freaking out that he would somehow fly out of my arms and zoom right over the side.  We did fine.

"Do I have anything on my face?"
 We have to be careful while feeding Ryder these days because if we even mention the word "head" for any reason, he immediately flies his hands up to his head and rubs all the nasty food all over it. This is particularly bad when we are having a quick bite before we run out the door.

Saturday night JM and I grilled.  We had tilapia (he had steak), grilled sweet potatoes and a greek salad

Grilled Sweet Potatoes (from Robert St. John's cookbook - New South Grilling):
Four sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced into 1/2 inch thick slices
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
2 tbl brown sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp hot sauce
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

In a small bowl, blend together butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and hot sauce.
Place sweet potatoes on a baking sheet and lightly brush the surfaces with the butter mixture.
Prepare the grill.  Place sweet potatoes over direct medium heat, buttered side down.  Brush the tops with the butter mixture and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning once.  When fork tender, remove from the grill and brush with any remaining butter and sprinkle with the salt and pepper.

Greek Salad:
One bag Romaine lettuce
Sliced cucumbers
Feta cheese
Baby tomatoes
Italian dressing


After I got Ryder ready for church Sunday, he came to me holding his boots and saying "boooots, boooots."  If he could complete full sentences I'm sure he would say, "Ma, seriously?  Get me outta this stupid girl outfit, I wone wear my BOOTS!"
 After church it was raining.  Ryder was so spoiled by Saturday's weather and really wanted to go outside again.  After screaming at the door for several minutes we said, "Fine."  The second he got out there he just kept staring at the rain while continuing to cry.

So what do we do in this situation?  Go dig out the rainboots and 9 month size rain jacket and we're good.

Until we started to feel the wet rain on our face.  Then we were ready to come in.

Let me introduce you to Ryder's newest chair. 
If either of us are laying down, whether it's the floor or the bed, he hops right on.


John Michael and I have many quirky things about our relationship, I personally, think we are very funny to eachother.  We have lots of inside jokes and odd ways we communicate with one another.  So, with that said, I would like to share with you my newest friend, the creeper that makes it's way over to my side of the bed.

Every time I get up to get something to drink, go to the bathroom, turn on the fan, turn off the fan, change the thermostat, check on Ryder if he wakes up, etc., I come back to the same thing:  the above foot.  This foot is hanging off MY side of the bed.  Please understand that we have a king size bed, and how this foot winds up on the complete opposite side (my side), I do not know.  Yes, he has long legs, but geez, king beds are large!  When I get back in bed, using my little foot, I politely push his big foot and heavy leg back to his side, and he gets all cranky on me.  Starts huffin’ and puffin’ and telling me to go to sleep.  Many times, he seems confused and asks me why I am trying to push him off the bed, because he is “already all the way on his side” (when clearly he is not - did you see the photo above?)  I try not to fight it, because if he wakes up completely, I will be asked to turn off the TV, and what would I do without my late night Housewives of ATL and Bevery Hills?  Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen?  Or Millionaire Matchmaker?  So, many nights I will allow his heavy leg and foot to weigh down my legs so that I can finish my shows without interruption, or worse, being told to "turn it down to 9" (this is volume number # on the screen that is acceptable to him during sleep).  Dear foot, please stay on your side of the bed.  You know I love you, but I like my side of the bed alot too.  Goodnight!

JM thinks I pick on him too much on the blog, but he knows it's all in good fun!



Before I get started I have to say something... after JM read my last blog about the gym, he confessed to me that he STILL has not gone to cancel that membership.  I told him for each week that he goes without cancelling, I will buy something.  I know you think I am mean, but I promise it'll get him there in a flash.

On to my next thought - I have GOT to stop taking so many pictures.  I just sent all of my pictures (that I really wanted to print) from 2010 to Walgreens and there were 864.  If anyone wants to donate any old, rusty photo albums, I'll takey.  Now don't get me wrong, I had thousands and thousands on the computer, I had to do lots of deleting to get it down to this number, but I did it.  It was hard :(

Last weekend we got to celebrate two fun things:  Swayze Jane turned One!  Not only did Ryder enjoy opening all of her gifts, he also wanted to keep the gift he got for her.

He was really beginning to like all of her toys...
He says "Hawwwsee, Geeeeeeup"

Being sweet to the birthday girl, sharing colors

High School girlies at the birthday party - We love boots

Fun event #2 of the weekend, Meredith and McLean's engagement party.  These are all the same girls in the picture above plus the bride to be.  We love eachother soooo much -- we really do!

I love spending time with these girls


John Michael and I feel so honored, we were asked to be the God parents to little Levi Fyke!  His mom, Lindsey and I have been great friends since 5th grade and we also live in the same neighborhood, so Ryder and Levi will grow up great buddies too! 


On a different note, can I share with you how bad I hate to be nervous?  That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are nervous about something, it's the worst.  If you say the words to me: "Hey, I need to talk to you about something," I'm probably going to throw up in your face.  Please don't ever start a sentence out like that, because it makes me very nervous.  One of the serious side effects of my nervousness is that I'll all of a sudden get a hot flash and under my arms start to itch.  Isn't that gross?  It's pretty embarrassing and I would normally not ever share this but I just think it's funny.  This also happens if something scares me.  The other day JM was driving down the road and slammed on brakes (it was a deer or something) and it scared the crap out of me and I immediately started to itch under my arms (on top of my clothing of course, I would never do it on my bare arms, sicko.)  While I was mad about this sudden scare, I didn't say anything, but just kept calm.  I heard him laughing and looked over and he asked, "Did that scare you or something?"  I (probably) said, "What do you think?"  He said, "I know it did, because you are scratching under your arms."  I honestly didn't even remember ever telling him I did this, so while I was somewhat embarrassed, it was kind of sweet because it just goes to show what your significant other remembers about you and how they really pay attention when you're not even looking. 

That's all.


Pull ups - No not that kind... yet

My handsome man before church

And then afterwards we went to Cracker Barrell.  Ryder decided this was not the place for him, and we left very shortly afterwards... no need to go into futher detail.

JM was finally able to drop his gym membership (thank you Lord).  He purchashed it last January and signed a one year contract (big mistake when you join a gym as your new years resolution, who really keeps those)?  I think he went a total of 4 times in the entire 12 months and it was just money down the drain.  So lucky for me and our bank account, a light went off in his head and he decided to purchase a pull up bar and a few other work out items that he used in the gym.  It was $19.99 and the best part about it is he and Ryder can work out together...

He's getting better at his pull ups. 

Let me brag for a second here... I can do two in a row! I know it doesn't sound like much, but for someone who hasn't hit the gym since probably high school, I felt pretty strong. And the best part is, JM likes to "bet" me alot of stuff. And he bet me that I couldn't do one. And if I could, he would give me $20.

That was a serious work out!  Night night!

John Michael said, "Brittany, hurry get in here"  Ryder crawled in the dryer all by himself.  He thought it was hysterical.

Surprise!  Ryder's new chair came in and he adores it.  No, I didn't get his name on it because I'm just practical like that.

 He goes up to it and gives it hugs...?

And kisses

This is probably the shortest post I've ever written, maybe you can get through the whole thing without giving up this time.  Hopefully I'll have an entertaining story or two next blog.  Until then...


So Long, Peanut

Ryder enjoys locking himself inside of bedrooms.  And then glares at us like we have locked him in.  He gets really mad and starts grunting...

Full and Proud.  Those graham crackers hit the spot.

CRACKS me up with this.  It's the top to his drum set and he likes to smush it into his face and then come up and kiss people through the plastic.  It's the sweetest.

And this is the actual drum set.  He likes to sit in it and get stuck and then get mad when he's stuck.  Then he likes for me to pull him out and he runs back up to it and does it again.  Silly silly.

Well, who woulda thunk it.  Ryder went to the doctor Monday (the snow day without snow) because he was running 102.5 fever, coughing and had a massivly running nose.  After a negative flu test, it was decided that he has a sinus infection.  I'm pretty sure his body is immune to Mucinex and Zyrtec, as I feel like I've given him this for 2 months straight now.  So the doctor today gave him something new for the cough and runny nose.  Please work.  Like O-M-G please!

Since he's been out of commission for the past few days, he stayed at CC's Tuesday.

And his Aunt T kept him Wednesday.
 Something about baskets and babysitters.

Who's cool?

Last night after bath, Ryder walked into the living room and got in his chair and probably sat there for 15 minutes reading to himself.  He was trying so hard to talk, just blabbering away.

I know Peanut hasn't been much of the shining star on my blog, as he is now #2 in our family instead of #1.  I am sad to report that I believe Peanut will be moving to California in February to live with his brother.  However, after walking in my room last night and seeing this, I almost had to change my mind.

But the truth of the matter is, Peanut does not get the attention he once did before our real baby arrived.    I have never been a dog person, actually never really touched a dog until we got Peanut.  But I just love him to death and truly want whats best for him and I know he'll get 10x more love and attention with Jeremy and Allyn Ann.  We got our dogs together  in October 2007 (they have Jack) and although Peanut and Jack have completely different personalities, I think they will enjoy eachother's company.  Jeremy and Allyn Ann moved out to Orange County, CA over a year ago, so now this will give us an excuse to fly out and see them!  They are going to get him in a few weeks when they are in town visiting.

I'll keep you posted whether or not we actually go through with it :(



This week is a milestone for the Wilson family.  Ryder started his first day of preschool Wednesday!  I know I should have been worried and upset and all those things, but I just wasn't.  Because I have seen him in church daycare and he just loves it.  The second we walk into church he starts heading for his room, without us sometimes and we have to run and catch him.

So Tuesday night we had a little dinner to kick off the new "school year."  Ryder enjoyed sitting in a big chair.

We had to go in and wake him up on his first day so we were afraid he would be a little grumpy.  He wasn't at first...

Then when we said it was time to go he got a little upset.

 But he was happy as a clam walking in.

Here is his classroom.  And there he is in the high chair.  He ran up to it and said EAT as soon as we walked in.

I forgot to bring him a blanket for his nap so I took it at lunch.  When I walked in his room he didn't see me at first and kept playing with his friends.  Then he spotted me from across the room and with the sweetest high pitched voice he pointed over at me and said "MA MA!!!"  And he ran over to me and wrapped his little legs around me like a monkey.  When I stood up with him he turned around to the kids and just as matter of factly as he could, he said, "BYE!"  He thought he was leaving :(

I think my favorite thing about him going to daycare so far is that he was really excited to see us when we got there to pick him up.  He ran up to us and that's something we aren't used to.  (This is a compliment to Mrs. Connie, because before, when we'd pick him up from her house, he would've been just as well staying there with her!)  So it was really nice to have him ready to leave and go home with us.  Ha!  Although, it was very reassuring when we'd leave him with Connie because it was obvious he absolutely adored her.

The daycare he attends has a camera so I can watch from my computer if I want to check in.  That helps alot.  They said he did great, didn't cry one time (except after lunch when I left), and played well with everyone.  The only thing was he only napped 30-45 minutes all day when he usually naps 2-4 hours.  But it didn't make him sleep any better last night.  He woke up screaming several times, I'm really hoping an ear infection isn't coming on because of all the ear grabbing I've noticed the past two days.


Blogger told me I couldn't post this blog because I ran out of picture space.  I almost puked and then it said I could purchase more space.  Okay, space purchased.  I would never leave you hanging, grandparents!

Over the past several weeks, Ryder has stayed home either because he was sick, or for other reasons, so I've gotten tons of help from family, especially his two aunts, Anna Terrell and Kayla who spent several days of their Christmas break coming over at 7:30 and keeping him all day.  I hate I didn't get any pictures of Anna Terrell's day with him, but I snapped a few during my lunch break with Kayla.

Because of the awkward Mississippi weather, they played outside on December 22.

Hearding Peanut - or MeeNut, which is what Ryder says everytime he see's him.

Couldn't be happier playing outside


A great time was had in Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl.  When we got there we walked over to Jacksonville Landing and had lunch. 

And then attended the Gator Bowl parade.

Then back to the hotel to get ready for the Dawg Pound NYE Party. 
The next morning we got up and headed out for the Gator Bowl.  And the rest is history... 52 - 14!!!  Champs!

A beautiful day in Jacksonville, felt like the beginning of summer

It was great to get back to my little love and even better that I was off work Monday so I got to spend the day with him. 
This can't be comfortable


Sharing a John Michael moment - last night I was cooking dinner and he looks at me and asks if I've been eating goldfish.  "No, I have not... why?"  He says, "Because your teeth look yellow."  Then he follows with, "It must be the lighting."  Excuse me, my teeth are FAR from yellow.  Thanks.


I may have shared this before, but Ryder is starting to repeat everything we say.  When he has a poopy diaper, or just poots, he'll say "POO" or "PEEE-YOUU".  I've noticed lately when he drops something or runs into something, etc., he says "Shoot" (not something I want him saying - but he's obviously picked it up from me or someone else).  So the point of this is that we really have to watch what we're saying these days.  The other day my mom was telling me she knew of someone who named their dog "Damnit" (of course she didn't say the word - you know my mom).  Then she said, "Could you imagine yelling out "BLANK-IT, BLANK-IT" everytime you called your dog?"  And she actually used the word "Blank-it"  Then Ryder thought this was really funny and started yelling "BLANK-IT, BLANK-IT".  I'm just grateful my mom doesn't cuss and didn't say the actual dogs name or Ryder would've been running around saying that, I'm sure it would've been his new word choice of the week.