Pull ups - No not that kind... yet

My handsome man before church

And then afterwards we went to Cracker Barrell.  Ryder decided this was not the place for him, and we left very shortly afterwards... no need to go into futher detail.

JM was finally able to drop his gym membership (thank you Lord).  He purchashed it last January and signed a one year contract (big mistake when you join a gym as your new years resolution, who really keeps those)?  I think he went a total of 4 times in the entire 12 months and it was just money down the drain.  So lucky for me and our bank account, a light went off in his head and he decided to purchase a pull up bar and a few other work out items that he used in the gym.  It was $19.99 and the best part about it is he and Ryder can work out together...

He's getting better at his pull ups. 

Let me brag for a second here... I can do two in a row! I know it doesn't sound like much, but for someone who hasn't hit the gym since probably high school, I felt pretty strong. And the best part is, JM likes to "bet" me alot of stuff. And he bet me that I couldn't do one. And if I could, he would give me $20.

That was a serious work out!  Night night!

John Michael said, "Brittany, hurry get in here"  Ryder crawled in the dryer all by himself.  He thought it was hysterical.

Surprise!  Ryder's new chair came in and he adores it.  No, I didn't get his name on it because I'm just practical like that.

 He goes up to it and gives it hugs...?

And kisses

This is probably the shortest post I've ever written, maybe you can get through the whole thing without giving up this time.  Hopefully I'll have an entertaining story or two next blog.  Until then...


  1. remember when you me and meg use to work out at the healthplex then drive to pearl to eat Ryan's all you can eat??

  2. That was a short blog for you!!!!! Ford loves the dryer too. I bet Ryder and Ford could cause some serious trouble!