Pinocchio Nose

Ryder is well aware of telling the truth and telling a story.  Sometimes I'll catch him trying to tell me a story.  Just little things, like I'll see him push Rhodes and make him fall down.  Then I'll ask how he fell down and he'll say that he just tripped.  Things like that.  But immediately after telling me the story, he freaks out and says he's sorry for not telling the truth.  Other times, I'll ask him things like, "did you get in trouble today?"  He'll say no.  I'll ask if he's telling the truth and he'll say YES! LOOK!  SEE, MY NOSE ISN'T GROWING!

We hosted small group at our house a couple weeks ago and I couldn't resist my two favorite fall munchies, haystacks and candy corn trash!

We normally don't have the whole family at small group, but this particular week we decided to keep it casual and just fellowship, kiddos at all.

I love being in a small group.  And I love our small group so much.  We laugh a lot, but more importantly we learn.  Well I can't speak for everyone, but I learn!  It's so comforting to meet with a group of people each week who are all after one purpose, and that is to deepen our faith.  We talk through the word, fellowship, share with one another and pray for one another.  It's pretty awesome!

Ryder and Reagan on their weekly, sometimes daily golf cart rides together.

Ryder was getting frustrated with Rhodes for not following the rules, which were to sit still so I could take their picture.

He worked his magic to make Rhodes laugh and distract him.

Eventually, we all gave up.  We were going to be late for school.

After I dropped them off I had 2 hours to kill before I had to be at the school to help teach my TOT class.  So I went to one of the most magical places on earth.  Okay, maybe not earth, but in my town.

Ryder had a field trip that day to the farmer's market.

Ryder is still making it a regular habit to join us in bed around 2 a.m.  Each morning when I ask why, he says he is scared of the dark.  We have several night lights in his room.  Sometimes he says it's because he had a bad feeling (bad dream).  He confessed that some of the kid shows he watches on the iPad are scary.  I made him tell me which ones and he promises he won't watch them anymore.

These late night wake-ups explain why he was begging for his bath and was ready for bed.

Guess the bath woke him up pretty good because 20 minutes later he was avoiding bedtime with a vengeance.  He went as far as to find one of my books and a magnifying glass, I assume to prove his interest in the reading material.

He has become quite fond of that magnifying glass.

I decided I was ready to grow a green thumb and went and got some mums and put them in this cool box JM got at an estate sale years ago.  Wow, that was really hard work.  Not.  I love how Ryder added his personal touch with the pumpkin he picked out at the farmer's market.

Then, I decided it was time to get crafty and make a couple wreaths for the front doors.  With a grapevine wreath, some wheat and a roll of burlap that I already had, I got busy.  And I didn't have anything to hang them with and found some natural raffia from who knows what and taped that to the top of my door.

My bows are kind of sad, but I'm not good at that, so I found a way to fake one using a wonderful tool called google.

Place them like shown.

Get something to wrap the middle tight (I used a pipe cleaner that I already had).  Then cut about a 3 inch strip and fold it in threes.  Then wrap that around the pipe cleaner to hide it.  I kept mine together with a hot glue gun.

A couple Saturday's ago we were drinking coffee on the back patio.  I can't remember the last time I drank coffee out of a coffee mug.  I have one with a top and it stays hot for hours so I use it every single day.  This particular morning I couldn't find it so I grabbed a mug out of the cabinet and met JM outside.  I looked over and he had his Cafe du Monde mug too.  We laughed that we grabbed the exact same one out of the many, many we own.  Then, we realized that it was that very DAY, seven years ago that we got engaged / got the coffee mugs.  Pretty cool to look out past our engagement weekend mugs to see our two beautiful children playing together!  Thank you LORD for your wonderful blessings upon us!

It was quite the dewey morning and since Rhodes is a little clumsy thing, he fell over several times and soaked his PJ's so we got nice and changed and put our rain boots on.

As you know, John Michael can't sit still for long.  Since we are under freezing temps here in Mississippi, he figured we better stock up on firewood.  Does it look like it's cold here with that sweaty back of his?

Meanwhile, our dads ran into each other at the Ole Miss game :)

Ryder just wants to get his beauty sleep.

2nd annual trip to the Yazoo County Fair

Ryder's working hard on his rock collection.  Rhodes is never far behind.

Ryder and his favorite neighbor, Mr. Dan.  They played imaginary Narwhal fishing.  Do you know what a Narwhal is?  Me neither.  Except out of the blue Ryder started talking about how Narwhal's and that they are are medium sized whales with tusks.  I didn't know what he was saying (because I've never heard the word narwhal before) and so I googled whales with tusks and sure enough the word narwhal popped up.

Rock throwing.

As always, Ryder is dragging Rhodes out of trouble.

Ryder is on a big kick of fixing vehicles.  This happens at least every other day.

No use crying over..... spilled milk.

Neighborhood buddies.

Fishing with dad.

 I don't know what's going on with Ryder and his eating habits.  This time it was lasagna, peas and banana slices.  And he licked it clean.

Saturday, Ryder went to the farm with John Michael to help build their deer stand, or shooting house, actually.

Rhodes and I ran lots and lots of errands and then I treated him to Chickfila :)

Meanwhile, I received pictures of their handiwork via picture text.

I think he had fun.

The rule follower vs. the rule breaker
(I frequently imagine future scenarios).

Post-church lunch.  Ryder is fired up about his new Bible verse he learned at church.  He will proudly share it with you if you ask.  "A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17

You better believe it was my idea to put my new green thumb to work Sunday afternoon.  Yes sirree!

My fellow gardener and I had a little planting date while the babes napped.

Sunday night we had a church social function at the park.

Rhodes is able to enjoy the park now, so that's always fun.

We are working on our table manners.

Field trip to the cotton field.  If you know Ryder, it should not surprise you to look at his cotton collections compared to the others.  Everyone else is holding one cotton ball and Ryder's got that sack to the brim!   Ohhhhh, my Ryder.

When I picked him up he told me that his teacher pushed his cotton down in his sack so more would fit.  Only him.

Doin' work!

What can I say?  When he does something, he gives 110% !!!

That afternoon he took a looooong nap.  So Rhodes and I went up and down the driveway about 300 times.  Anything to keep him still.  Anything!  No need to mention his attire.

This morning was one of those mom fails where I am glad I have a boy.  His preschool has school-issued clear bags that they bring to school.  You can't bring your own store bought bag, they all match. Well, I forgot his bag and where we live, you don't just turn around because you forgot your school bag in 3k.  I looked around my disaster of a vehicle and found a gigantic Target bag.  I told Ryder he could just take this bag.  Now, if you would've told little Brittany at 4 years old she had to bring a ginormous, wrinkled up Target bag to school, I would've cried, screamed, pitched a fit and probably yelled who knows what at my mom.  Because I would've been humiliated.  Yes, at 4 years of age.  Girls are funny about stuff!  But, this boy of mine who, excuse my french, "don't give a crap" - looked at that bag and said, "awesome, I can put LOTS of stuff in this big bag!  Thanks mom!  Can I bring this bag everyday?"

After school the weather was near perfection, so we got drive-thru and went to the park.  I love when this happens - I was one car away from ordering and my phone rings and it's John Michael.  I quickly told him what we were doing and asked him if he wanted me to order him something and meet us.  He said yes.  I love some perfect timing!

Ryder's shirt.  While JM and I were at the beach we were just talking about our kids and specifically how Ryder amazes us in several different areas.  (Rhodes - we love you just the same, but we don't know your little personality yet!)  Anyway, John Michael told me that while I was pregnant with Ryder, that he consistently prayed Ryder would be something great.  So while we were there, I saw this shirt and figured it was pretty fitting.

In closing, please, please, please keep this family in your prayers.  My dear friend Jill's mother is getting ready to fight pancreatic cancer.  You can read her story HERE.  I'm sharing this link because Jill has asked that everyone tell everyone to tell everyone to pray for her mom, Suzanne.  Put her on your prayer list at church, pray for her everyday.  The power of prayer is real.  Now, let's get busy lifting this wife, mother and grandmother up and praying for healing!