Orange Beach 2012

I won't do alot of text about our trip to Orange Beach because I have alot of pictures.  And I know I'm guilty of getting a little lengthy.

Ryder did not love the actual beach, he had some sort of phobia about the sand getting on him and he didn't much like the ocean water either.  The pictures of him that I have were taken with bribes.

JM would not let it go making fun of me and my bubba keg.  He didn't understand why I needed something so large to drink out of.  I told him that I could fill it up at 8:00 before work and sip on it until 5 and it's still ice cold.  Plus, I'm not going through 5 water bottles a day.  What do you know, as soon as we get to the beach he buys himself one.

Somebody should have told Jeffrey this is what happens when you don't rub it in.  (Sorry Jeffrey, I know I told you I wouldn't).

And I guess this is what dad's consider putting on sunscreen good.  He would've turned out like Jeffrey if I hadn't come to the rescue.


Original Oyster House

This boy loves a cutie, I'm telling you right now.

Louisiana Langiappe

Ryder's swimming trunks were starting to rub on his leg and give him a rash so we opted for pj bottoms and underwear later on in the week. 

When you gotta go....

He didn't love the beach, but he could live at the pool.  He was very upset each time we left.

Ryder got a little spicy at the Hangout and wanted to get up on the table and dance.  It was absolutely hilarious.  Wish I could remember the song they were playing, but they darkened the entire restaurant and were flashing different colored strobe lights on Ryder and he danced the entire song.  You could hear everyone in the restaurant laughing.


Madison wanted to get in on the action, so they took on a slow dance.

Ryder and his cousins.  He was so proud to have "the cousins" and that's how he kept referring to them.  "What are the cousins doing?"  "Let's go swim with the cousins"

While the guys were out golfing, we had the opportunity to get Ryder dressed and downstairs to get some pictures, they turned out cute.

Family Photo at Cobalt

They don't look old enough to be grandparents do they?

What fun and great memories with family!  Gonna be a little different next year with two little boys!


New Baby and New Eyes

I needed to dump some of my pictures before my next blog, because believe me, it will be chock full of pictures from the beach.  We are leaving Saturday and it can't get here fast enough.

I think I might be the worst mom when it comes to feeding my child healthy.  Here we are, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, corn and chocolate pudding.  He only ate the chicken nuggets and pudding.

But boy did he like it.

Ryder loves any project.  He loves to help and as funny as it sounds for a 2 year old, he gives 100% at everything he does.  One of his favorite things to do is help his daddy plant flowers.

He always cleans up afterwards too.  He will stack all the little plastic cups that the flowers come in and put them in the empty bag of dirt and run it over to the big garbage can in the garage.  He's so good!

As I mentioned before, Kristen's bp was going up so it was time to get that little bug out!  3 days after we had to move the baby shower from her house, Mr. Tate McKinley DiBiase was born!  He was 3 weeks early and still 6lb 9oz, I bet she is glad he came early!  They are doing great and he is seriously the tannest baby I've ever seen and so handsome with that dark hair!

Ryder loved him too.  He kept asking about "Tater"

Tate and Rhodes will only be a couple months apart, we've already considered them college roommates.


You know that question, if you were forced to live in the desert and you could only pack 3 things, what would you pack?  As awfully vein as this sounds, I almost have to say one of my items would be mascara.  I have light eyelashes, which are also pretty short.  I have 3 tubes of mascara that I put on in the morning, I will not go anywhere without mascara on.  Anywhere.  So, I decided to get eyelash extensions.  And I am obsessed.  They are longer, thicker and blacker than any mascara could possibly make them and the best part is, you don't wear mascara at all.  I spend too much time every morning on it, and it gets all over my eyelids, so I have to get it off with qtips, ugh, it's just a nightmare.

I wish I would've taken a before shot so you can see my natural eyelashes, but here is the after shot.  Right after I left, no mascara period.

Best thing ever invented.

Only downfall is it's not cheap... and they have to be filled in every 4-6 weeks.  But I thought it was perfect timing to get them right before I go to the beach so I don't have to worry about mascara running down my face, because you better believe I would be wearing it.  I KNOW.  I'm ridiculous.

So, I'm just saying, if you don't love your lashes, go to Drench Day Spa in Ridgeland and get you some new ones!!!

I feel kind of guilty about spending money on something like this, but I look at it this way.  Alot of people have their "thing" that makes them feel better about themselves that they spend money on every month, a maid service, frequent hair color, massages, gym membership, etc.  I don't do any of that, so this is my "thing."


This weekend

Me and Ryder tore up some loaded fries this weekend.

We went to the Perrett's annual crawfish boil on Saturday.  Ryder had his first experience with a trampoline.

He was full of tricks.

Ryder asked no less than 20 times if we could take this dog home with us.

Look at this fabulous tree house!

Ryder also see-saw'd for the first time.  Pace wanted to take his place.

Preston was a good see-saw partner

But then we had a little accident and Ryder almost flew over the front of the see-saw.

He was ready to get down.

And Mrs. Jan got him a juice box, he felt better.

Ryder and Preston just being boys

As always, I take pictures while everyone else enjoys the bugs

This family of 6 siblings age 4 and under blows me away!  Here are the 3 year old triplet girls and little boy/girl twins, all they are missing is their big 4 year old brother!  The Westmoreland Clan, I don't know how they do it!

Mr. Payton explaining the family dynamics to Ryder

Saturday night a few of my friends and I got together for pizza and they showered me with diapers and wipes for my upcoming arrival.  Love those girls.  We were supposed to go to Kristen's house but her blood pressure was really high (pregnancy) and her doctor put her on strict bedrest that day.  So we went to Ashlea's.  We missed Kristen!

Rhodes' sweet little onesie from Lindsey

Kayla got him some little shorts.

And Meg got him this sweet little outfit.  Meg kept telling me I wasn't going to like it beacuse I only liked to dress my babies in frilly stuff.  She's too much.

Mother's Day Sunday

Love being a mother to this one.

And I love that he loves giving sugars.

Watching his new favorite movie, Rio, with all his animals.