We had another sonogram today (24 weeks) to check on a couple of things we found out at our 18 week appointment. When we went to find out what we were having, we also found out that our baby had what is called a Choroid Plexus Cyst on his brain, but in most cases these cysts go away on their on and have no effect on the baby. This freaked me out BIG time, but we were very hopeful and positive. Dr. Moses said not to worry but of course we did (well I did, JM told me all along he felt like everything would be okay). We also found out that my placenta was low (called marginal placenta previa) and that if it didn't resolve, or move up, that I would likely be put on bed rest, and definitely have a c-section. Well after many prayers, today's sonogram showed that the cyst had in fact gone away - Praise God! My placenta was still low, but had moved up a bit from last time. It is 0.5 centimeters from the cervix but needs to be 2-3 centimeters from the cervix before everything is considered "normal." I will have another sonogram in 4 weeks to check the placenta. All around, this was wonderful news to us! God is good! Here are a couple sonogram pics from today:

This is JM's favorite picture - the "boy" picture

Precious little face

While John Michael was away at his 5th Annual Canoe Trip at the Buffalo River in Arkansas, I got to enjoy a fun girls weekend! Courtney, Marlee, Kayla and I decided we needed to have a "sisters" day and get a pedicure before Marlee's big day! She will deliver baby Sellers anytime in the next couple of weeks and we decided she needed to make sure her toes were looking pretty.


Thanks thanks thanks to Mandy for setting up my blog for me. I tried to make it look cute and just couldn't figure out how to get a good background, or links to other people's blogs, but sure enough Mandy took care of it for me. I'll post my favorite picture of her for all the hard work...


I can't believe I'm already 23 weeks along. At the beginning, when people said it would fly by I though they were crazy! But ever since we found out it was a boy each day goes by faster and faster. I finally felt some flutters at about 20 weeks or so and have now moved in to the kicks. It's the best feeling in the world!

Also, I think we've decided on a name... Ryder James Wilson. I've always liked the name Ryder and at first John Michael was totally against it, but all of a sudden he won't even think about anything else, he loves it. So, I think we'll stick with it. I will post some pictures ASAP of the growing belly and sonogram pics. We're going for another sonogram Tuesday so I'll have very updated pics by then!