Busy Bee's

I’m trying to figure out where I’ve been the past couple weeks. I don’t think I’ve stopped for two straight weeks. Since I last blogged, I attended a wedding of one of my guy friends from high school. None of my friends’ husbands could go, so JM stayed home with Ryder and I had a night out with the gals.

Here we are with mother of the groom, Mrs. Cydney

Dancing to The Jarekus Singleton Band!  A guy we graduated high school with, they are sooo good.

Later in the week we went for Ryder's 2nd tube follow up.  I failed to mention before that when we went for his first tube follow up, there was some type of scab blocking the right tube, so it wasn’t working correctly. To fix it, we had to squirt hydrogen peroxide into his right ear a couple times a day. The doctor said we would know it was working when we squirt it in and he screams bloody murder. Great way to know it’s working, right? So of course he fussed everytime we did it because it was probably really cold going down, so we weren’t sure it was working or not, and just quit doing it.  So we had to go to another follow up last week to make sure it did work… it didn’t. So I had to hold my child down while that doctor stuck some long needle deal down in his ear and suck something out (I was NOT looking) and he got the scab out. He was like “See, look! It’s not that bad!” OMG I did not want to look, but I didn’t want to look afraid of something in my own child’s ear, so I bit the bullet. I almost threw up, I’m not good with anything associated with a needle or anything that looks like a needle with bloody stuff on the end. Ouch. Good news is it’s all better and hopefully he won’t get any ear infections from here on out.


May has been a very busy month for us.  This past weekend John Michael went on a golf trip to somewhere in Alabama that was 6 hours away (can’t think of it right now). But this is the picture he emailed me of his view. Very pretty.

I went on a girls trip to the coast. Months ago we planned to go to Lake Bruin, but scratched that idea a couple weeks ago when the flooding began. Kristen had a connection at the IP Casino, so we got two free rooms for two nights. I always love getting a weekend away with these girls, but this mama was missing her little munchkin! Here are some highlights of the weekend.

Quick dinner on the way into town.

Dinner in Ocean Springs Saturday night.

 And when I pulled up in the driveway from being gone our pretty flowers had bloomed!

Ryder helped his daddy plant these by the way.  Seriously, I just watched.  After emptying the flower pots, or tups (cups) as Ryder called them, he stayed busy by counting them one by one and stacking them while JM finished the job.

Love his smile when it's sunny outside, scrunches that nose up.


Ryder has counted to 10, even 14 many times, but I have never been able to catch it on video, and did tonight.  He's a smart lil monkey.  Proof below:

Today was also water day at school, Ryder played in the big pool (I stole this picture from his teacher's facebook page, thanks Miss Jessica)

Ryder loves his Miss Jessica, this is his last week with her before he moves up to the next class.

Last week was Prince and Princess day.  We didn't have any prince attire, obviously, so luckily they made hats at school.

Sweaty child blowing bubbles (he drank half the bottle I do believe).

For about a month now, I’ve started back walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. Working out is dreadful to me, I wish I had that bone in my body that people have that makes them want to get up at the crack of dawn and exercise. The only thing that gets me through these 30 minutes is a book. I just walk and read. I made a list of 5 or so books I wanted to purchase for this new venture. As I put them in my “cart” on Amazon and saw the numbers add up, I thought, why not just check these books out at the local library. So, I am the proud new owner of a library card!  Clinton has a fabulous brand spanking new library, and I feel like I need to put it to use.

Look, isn’t she pretty!

Wouldn't you go too if your library looked like that? 

My new card and the books I chose.
I love a good suspense novel.

One more Ryder story:
This morning when I dropped him off, his teacher Mrs. Trina said, “Mrs. Wilson, I gotta tell you somthin” (I was nervous). She said yesterday when she was putting Ryder down for a nap, he said “Mrs. Trina I poop”, she checked his diaper and told him that there was nothing in his diaper. She said not five minutes later, he said, “Mrs. Trina I poop, I stinky,” and sure enough she looked in his diaper and he had a big ole’ poop. WOW! He knew it was coming! Not quite sure I’m ready to potty train, but at least he’s getting the idea.


Speaking of a busy May, we are leaving Saturday for seven days at the beach with John Michael's family, and are sooo looking forward to it!  Ryder has never been... any tips for taking a 1 1/2 year old to the beach?


Uh Oh

Ryder was in my bedroom and I was in the closet hanging up clothes.  I kept hearing him say UH OH, UH OH, UH OH, but he says that all the time so I didn't think anything of it.  Finally, after he realized I wasn't coming for him, he ran up to me holding these, and still saying UH OH.

UH OH was right.  He snapped my glasses in half. 

Ryder loves a cowbell.  Ringing away before school.

Most nights, before we put Ryder down, the three of us lay in bed and watch Dora while he drinks his milk.  This particular time I was in the middle of telling JM something (can't remember what), so I paused the the show.  Ryder was trying to yell over me to get my attention and after several times of him saying the same thing, I figured out he was saying 'DOWA SLEEP" and I looked up at the TV to see this. 

He's obsessed with people sleeping lately. If either of us pretend we are asleep, he will shake us to try to get us up and say repeatedly, "No sleep mama, No sleep daddy, geeeee-up! (get up).


Saturday we gathered for our annual crawfish boil with John Michael's college football friends at the Crager household.  Here is Ryder and their sweet little girl, Brantlee playing on the jumpy/slide. Clearly, Ryder was about to sneeze.

Everyone enjoying the bugs (I was content with chips and dip)

Sweet Jan and Pace - his twin brother was napping

Collin was showing Ryder the live crawfish.  Ryder kept saying "Feeesh - DEY BITE YOU!"

So glad the Kingrea's came and brought Charlie and their new baby girl, Reese!  Ryder and Charlie had a big time.

They got up close and personal

Ryder, Charlie and Pace were scheming about something.

Up to no good

Ryder's looking like "MA, get me the heck outta here!!!"
Charlie's like "Dude, I got this"

Ryder hangin with the big boys

The next morning was Mother's Day.  Ryder was not feeling it...  I'm not quite sure he wanted to share the attention that day.  But we had to pose by the pretty flowers he and JM got and planted for me for Mother's Day!  Hydrangeas, my fave!

We ventured over to Lula's for lunch (because it has an outside eating area, a must if this family is going to bring the monster).

Playing on the steps during meal time.

It was a GREAT Mother's Day (except I didn't get to see my mom because she has been in Greenville with her mom, who is not feeling too great).  JM tried not to let me lift a finger, but I just can't do that.  Things needed to be done around the house and I can't sit there while JM does the dishes and the laundry, I like to do it too.  So we did it together, which was great.  And when he asked what I wanted for Mother's Day (after telling him that I didn't want anything, over and over, which he would not accept for an answer), I told him I wanted some black wedges.  And instead of getting me a gift card somewhere, he picked them out!  And for dinner, I requested Domino's pizza because it's my favorite - and I'm easy to please in the food department, nothing too fancy shmancy for me!


One Packed Week

This has probably been the busiest, but most fun week ever.  Over the past seven days, I have done the following:
  • Monday night was the Clinton night at the Braves game, which you saw pictures of last blog.
  • Wednesday night was my birthday where we gathered with lots of friends.
  • Friday night was Meredith and McLean's rehearsal dinner at Hal and Mal's.
  • Saturday morning was Meredith and McLean's brunch at Parlor Market.
  • Saturday afternoon was Taylor and Clair's birthday get together.
  • Saturday night was Meredith and McLean's wedding at the Cedar's.
  • Sunday afternoon was Mac's first birthday party.
  • Sunday night was my high school friend, Ches' wedding shower.
  • Monday night JM had the box through his bank at the Braves, so we went.

Breathe...  Each event documented in photos below:

John Michael was so sweet and organized a dinner for my birthday at Burgers and Blues.  It was the day of the devastating tornadoes (April 27), so needless to say I was more grateful than ever on that birthday.  Just a few of the attendees:  Brooke, Kayla, Lindsey, Ashlea, Jessica, myself, Kristen, Meg and Melanie.

Then came Maghen, Swayze and Mandy

And lastly, the whole group.  Wow, I felt LOVED that night!  Props to all of you pictured: Megan, Carter, Brooke, Meg, Kristen, Kayla, JM, myself, Jason, Melanie, Steve, Kyle, Ashlea, Jessica, Rob, Mark, Maghen, Swayze.

Hal and Mal's at Meredith and McLean's rehearsal dinner 

 And their brunch at Parlor Market

Clair and Taylor's birthday party in between wedding festivities

Beautiful reception

And beautiful bride

High school bff's

Happy Birthday to Mac!  They are living in Seattle so it was sooo nice to see them this weekend!

Ryder and Swayze at the birthday party

 Friends and babes at the party

And to wrap it all up, Braves game with dear friends, and little Ryder and Gaines.