One Packed Week

This has probably been the busiest, but most fun week ever.  Over the past seven days, I have done the following:
  • Monday night was the Clinton night at the Braves game, which you saw pictures of last blog.
  • Wednesday night was my birthday where we gathered with lots of friends.
  • Friday night was Meredith and McLean's rehearsal dinner at Hal and Mal's.
  • Saturday morning was Meredith and McLean's brunch at Parlor Market.
  • Saturday afternoon was Taylor and Clair's birthday get together.
  • Saturday night was Meredith and McLean's wedding at the Cedar's.
  • Sunday afternoon was Mac's first birthday party.
  • Sunday night was my high school friend, Ches' wedding shower.
  • Monday night JM had the box through his bank at the Braves, so we went.

Breathe...  Each event documented in photos below:

John Michael was so sweet and organized a dinner for my birthday at Burgers and Blues.  It was the day of the devastating tornadoes (April 27), so needless to say I was more grateful than ever on that birthday.  Just a few of the attendees:  Brooke, Kayla, Lindsey, Ashlea, Jessica, myself, Kristen, Meg and Melanie.

Then came Maghen, Swayze and Mandy

And lastly, the whole group.  Wow, I felt LOVED that night!  Props to all of you pictured: Megan, Carter, Brooke, Meg, Kristen, Kayla, JM, myself, Jason, Melanie, Steve, Kyle, Ashlea, Jessica, Rob, Mark, Maghen, Swayze.

Hal and Mal's at Meredith and McLean's rehearsal dinner 

 And their brunch at Parlor Market

Clair and Taylor's birthday party in between wedding festivities

Beautiful reception

And beautiful bride

High school bff's

Happy Birthday to Mac!  They are living in Seattle so it was sooo nice to see them this weekend!

Ryder and Swayze at the birthday party

 Friends and babes at the party

And to wrap it all up, Braves game with dear friends, and little Ryder and Gaines.

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