Eggs, Galore

Ryder made these for his grandparents.
About to leave for school, soooo excited about his egg hunt!

I helped hide eggs for Ryder's class.

Lined up and ready to go outside.

Who's going to get the most eggs?

Ryder was competing pretty hard.
Looking at his face he was probaby thinking, "Don't drop the egg!"

He's going to do whatever it takes not to lose these eggs.

 Alright, now let's compare baskets.

Mom, you can leave now.

More Easter adventures...

Saturday morning we went to John Michael's church where he grew up.

Ryder's Sunday best, headed to church.

Not so fast he said...

After church, we had our family lunch at Tripp and Marlee's house.  The kids got to swim and hunt eggs in their trunks.

Later that day we went to my dad and Becky's.  Ryder won't ever get tired of hunting eggs.

Papa found him the perfect gift, a bathtub book.  His two favorite things!  Very clever!

After all our Easter visits, we forgot to give Ryder his own Easter basket from us, so he got it Monday morning.  He went straight for the Dora DVD.

Holding it with pride.

Monday was Clinton Night at the Braves.  Ryder is beginning to like this place.

But our seats were at the very bottom (above the dugout).  Short stuff couldn't see anything.

He was all good once he figured out if he would just sit in our lap he could see better.  Someone on the field even threw him the first pitch ball.  Probably helped that he wore his Braves gear.

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