This Little Piggy

Ryder's been battling a pretty tough cough over the weekend so he went to the doctor Monday.  She thinks it's just allergies so he got some antibiotics and is doing breathing treatments, seems to be working.  I was shocked however that he weighs 27 lbs.  I've noticed he's alot heavier lately, but for some reason I wasn't expecting that.  I haven't mentioned many facts lately, so, at a couple weeks short of 18 months: 
  • He's in size 5 diapers, but the velcro fasteners are getting further and further a part, time for size 6 I do believe. 
  • He usually wears 12-18 month pants, 18-24 month shirts. 
  • Has become a seriously picky eater.  Only wants fa fa (crackers) and fruit.  And could probably drink the entire milk from a cow in one day.
  • His hair is getting a little thicker, but the length isn't going anywhere, no hair cuts for us anytime soon, that's for sure.
  • Size 5-6 shoe.
  • 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth, and all four back teeth.
  • He's moving up a class at school Monday, they sleep on cots - this could get interesting.
  • He knows alot of things, it really amazes me.  I especially think it's cute when we ask him a question and he answers us yes or no, and most of the time it's a true answer.  For instance:  "Do you want to watch Dora?"  Answer:  Yes or nods head.  "Do you want to take a bath?"  Answer:  No and shakes head.  He definitely knows what he does and doesn't want to do.
  • He can say lots of words and can repeat almost every word.  If he can't say the word, he'll just nod his head, it's like he's embarrased he can't say it.  So sweet.
That's just a few things, but I don't want to bore you, so I'll stop there.


I read about alot of moms who are trying to get rid of their kids paci's, blankies, etc. and we've never dealt with this.  From day one, Ryder refused a paci, even though I tried to give it to him to soothe him.  He doesn't look twice at a blanket or other little stuffed creatures that children carry around.  There are many times I wish he took to these things, because when he is mad or crying in public -- or at home for that matter, there is nothing I can do to stop him and I know friends of mine can give baby their paci and they stop fussing immediately. 

However, I have noticed over the past month or two he has become addicted to milk.  I'm not even kidding.  He asks for it probably 20 times a day and for awhile there we would just give him a little everytime he said "milk" and it would calm him down.  Many times he will just hold the cup and it will make him stop crying and when I take it away - he screams.  So, I'm here to say, my child is not dependent on a paci, etc., but a cup filled with milk.  This is hard because obviously we can't work on "taking it away" because he has to have it, but I need him to not want it everytime we a) step foot in the kitchen  b) open the refrigerator  c) when he sees me washing his cups  d) when his teeth are hurting  e) when we're driving down the road  f) when he's watching tv  g) when we're reading a book  h) everytime he wakes up in the middle of the night  i) I'll stop here, you get my drift.  He's going to be huge if I keep giving him all this milk.  As I was going through pics to post, I found lots of photographic proof, and this is only from this past week:

You probably want to tell me to try water.  Don't think I haven't - he knows the difference.  Obviously this isn't a serious situation or anything like that, but it is something we need to work on.  I don't want a little piglet running around!  I mean, if I've heard it once, I've heard it 100 times "Girl, he's as big as you" or "You don't feed him much, do ya?", etc., etc.  I know he's a little chunky, but my mom reminds me I was once a nice chunk as well. 

Well, he was ready to go.  Might be on wrong, but he did it by himself.

The drum stick below has been removed from Ryder's reach.  I have found him one too many times drumming on his HEAD with it.  And hard.

Pick me UPPP (and give me some milk)

Ready to ride.. but legs are a little too short

Kay-ya came over to play on Sunday

Then we all went to eat at my mom's since Sellers was staying over.

Best time Ryder's ever had in the tub / wave pool

Poor CC was getting soaked


We think this is funny.  After JM runs at night, he comes in and does pushups.  He showed Ryder how to do them and when he says, "Let's do our pushups" Ryder runs over to where he is, drops down on all fours, and gets his workout on.   I wish I had as much drive as my 18 month old :(


Free Bird

Broke my heart when I went in Ryder's room to turn on his little heater.  He must've been freezing and covered his little self up.

Snack time at church.

He was still hungry when we got home, ran up to my cabinet where I have some fake pears and said "appa (apple), bite"

This weekend was so pretty, so Granddaddy and Nanni went with us to the park.

Lately, Ryder has become a little bit of a difficult eater.  I have been finding lots of food in his chair when I get him out... also in Peanut's mouth.

Munchin on goodies from his Vday Party at school. 

Sweet boy came into the kitchen wearing JM's watch, he said "wash" and was so proud of getting it on his arm.

Things got a little crazy after bath time last night. 
Mr. Potato Head's hat was used as his temporary diaper?

He was so excited to be "free", running all over the house, I could hardly catch him.


I must share:  A friend of mine received a Valentine’s Day card from her mom and she couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it, scanning it and sending it on to all of her friends for a good laugh. You know how the drugstores have the following card category sections: For Father, For Mother, For Husband, For Wife, For Daughter, For Son, For Granddaughter, For Grandson, the list goes on. I’ll be honest when I say I’ve never seen a category for this card:

To protect the identity of sender of this card, I will not reveal who sent this to me, but let’s just say it made my Valentine’s just a tad brighter.


It's inching closer to Mardi Gras time, so I got a wild hair on Sunday and picked up ingredients for Jambalaya.  And not out of the box jambalaya.  This was in the crock pot and it was good.

Crock Pot Jambalaya

2 lb boneless skinless chicken cut into bite size pieces
Sausage (we just cut up some deer sausage into bite size pieces, not sure how much)
1 onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
½ tsp Oregano
½ tsp Basil
1 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
1 14oz can cut up tomatoes
2 cups rice, cooked
Tony’s Seasoning

In the crock pot, put in the uncooked chicken and sausage and sprinkle with Tony’s, however much you desire. Add all other ingredients except rice, stir and cook on Low 4-5 hours. Add cooked rice about 30 minutes before serving. Let’s just say JM doesn’t normally do seconds on anything (I eat way more than him) and he went back for this!


My American Idol

The other night John Michael went up to the attic to get Ryder's bouncy seat for baby Levi to sit in when he came over.  Big Mistake:
17 months old

Enjoying the nice weather

Not ready to come in yet... but we were late for work.  JM had to chase him all through the snow and we were all wet by the time we got in.

Monday is Ryder's Valentine's party at school and of course he has to bring valentine's cards to his friends.  I'm not really in to the gooby valentines cards that they sell in the stores with scooby doo or barney or whoever, so I was happy when I found these online that I could just print and cut myself.  Might as well take advantage of it now before Ryder starts wanting to pick them out himself, and Lord knows he would never pick these.  JM said they are ugly and the kids are going to hate them because they are not bright colors with cartoons on them.  I think they're cute as a button.

Speaking of Valentines, last weekend we attended the Hearts of Gold Gala and had a grand time.


Does your spouse ever do anything that bugs, but you can't help but laugh (but you don't want him to see you laughing) because it's funny even though it's annoying? John Michael has never told me he wished he was a famous singer, but I think he does. He is obsessed with American Idol and after each singer's audition he will continue to sing their song and try to mock their same voice/tone. He knows this annoys me because I'm trying to watch the next contestant and he tries to be funny and continue to sing the previous song. But I can't help but laugh because he never sings the right words. Did you watch last night? You know the country guy with the really deep voice who sings "Baby lock the door and turn the lights down lowwww", well JM kept going on repeat: "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Then, I heard him belching it out in the shower this morning. Spare me!!!

So when I say something to him, or get on to him about it (or anything) he will say "Now don't chicken neck me". Apparently when I am "getting on to him" about something, I will pop my neck forward while speaking, and he likes to refer to this as the chicken neck. This is something else I try not to let him see me laugh about. I mean, I am supposed to be getting on to him about something, so I'm not supposed to be laughing, ya know? I guess he always knows how to make light of a situation.