My American Idol

The other night John Michael went up to the attic to get Ryder's bouncy seat for baby Levi to sit in when he came over.  Big Mistake:
17 months old

Enjoying the nice weather

Not ready to come in yet... but we were late for work.  JM had to chase him all through the snow and we were all wet by the time we got in.

Monday is Ryder's Valentine's party at school and of course he has to bring valentine's cards to his friends.  I'm not really in to the gooby valentines cards that they sell in the stores with scooby doo or barney or whoever, so I was happy when I found these online that I could just print and cut myself.  Might as well take advantage of it now before Ryder starts wanting to pick them out himself, and Lord knows he would never pick these.  JM said they are ugly and the kids are going to hate them because they are not bright colors with cartoons on them.  I think they're cute as a button.

Speaking of Valentines, last weekend we attended the Hearts of Gold Gala and had a grand time.


Does your spouse ever do anything that bugs, but you can't help but laugh (but you don't want him to see you laughing) because it's funny even though it's annoying? John Michael has never told me he wished he was a famous singer, but I think he does. He is obsessed with American Idol and after each singer's audition he will continue to sing their song and try to mock their same voice/tone. He knows this annoys me because I'm trying to watch the next contestant and he tries to be funny and continue to sing the previous song. But I can't help but laugh because he never sings the right words. Did you watch last night? You know the country guy with the really deep voice who sings "Baby lock the door and turn the lights down lowwww", well JM kept going on repeat: "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," "Baby turn the lights and turn the lights down lowwww," AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Then, I heard him belching it out in the shower this morning. Spare me!!!

So when I say something to him, or get on to him about it (or anything) he will say "Now don't chicken neck me". Apparently when I am "getting on to him" about something, I will pop my neck forward while speaking, and he likes to refer to this as the chicken neck. This is something else I try not to let him see me laugh about. I mean, I am supposed to be getting on to him about something, so I'm not supposed to be laughing, ya know? I guess he always knows how to make light of a situation.


  1. HAHAHA. This is so funny. I love the sweet valentines! But you are right... just enjoy them. Ryder will be picking out Toy Story or Diego soon enough ;)

  2. y'all are the cutest. :)

    and those valentine cards are PERFECT!