9 Weeks to Go!

I decided to post a profile shot of the belly for everyone. This is at 31 weeks! I can't wait to go at 33 weeks to have a sonogram to measure for growth. We just went to the doctor at 31 weeks and everything seemed good. Blood pressure is still really good and I don't have any swelling in my feet or legs. However, I did decide yesterday that the engagement ring had to come off... the wedding band is bearable for now though. Also, I got a friendly reminder from the cleaning lady at work that my face was really starting to fill out... thanks lady, that's so sweet of you!!
Courtney had a couples shower the night of my baby shower, so we all had another chance to get together! With so much going on this summer, it's been really great to see everyone so often. Courtney's wedding is July 25th, can't wait! She will make a beautiful bride.

From left: Lindsey, Maghen, Courtney, Devin, Kristen, me, Mandy & Shelly

I had a wonderful baby shower at the Martinique Clubhouse at Lake Caroline and got so many great things, and BIG things!!! We are so thankful for such great friends and family that are able to celebrate this time with us! Thanks to my awesome hostesses: Kristen, Devin, Meg, Lindsey, Maghen, Melanie, Jessica & Erin. Ya'll are the best!
The Hostesses, except Erin... From left: Maghen (9 wks pregnant!), Kristen, Devin (getting married in Nov!), me, Melanie, Jessica, Lindsey & Meg

How cute are these onesies?! They go perfectly with my zoo animal canvases I got painted for Ryder's room (pics to come!)

I always have to get a back to back picture with Jan. Can't wait for Ryder and her twins, Preston & Pace, to meet!

Fourth of July at the Beach

John Michael and I took a trip to Destin with his family. It was such a great get-a-way and much needed for both of us. We did lots of tanning, shopping and eating! Here are a couple of pictures.

After eating at Pat O's

We had to create a hole so I could lay on my belly and get sun on my back.


4-D Sonogram

John Michael and I had our 4-D Sonogram on Monday and invited our moms to the visit. I'm almost 29 weeks at the sonogram. Here are several pictures from the hour-long photoshoot! The umbilical cord was in front of his face the entire time so we couldn't get great shots, so next time I go for a sonogram she is going to print some more pictures for us if he is in a better position. And by the way, for all you bald baby lovers (Courtney Skelton!), she told us that for now we've definitely got a bald little baby (you can only see the hair in 2-D so she switched it over to that). Whatever that is that looks like hair on the sides, is not.
We also got some really great news while I was there... I no longer have placenta previa! It moved up to 3.3 cm and anything over 3 cm is not considered previa. Thanks for the prayers!

One of our very rare visits together (these days). This was at Courtney Strong's shower last weekend - Where are you Courtney!?! By the way, Maghen (farthest on the left) just found out she is pregnant and due in February!!
JM and I at the Reunion at Benton Country Club
Class of 1999

John Michael had his Ten Year Class Reunion for Benton Academy. We both had a great time and it was really fun for him to get to see so many people he hadn't seen in years.

Marlee and Tripp had their first baby, George "Sellers" Cain on June 10. He is such a precious baby and so good! They are all three doing great! I got to visit with him last weekend when I went to see their new house!

Painting Actually Can be Fun with some Help!

For Kristen's birthday we all got together at Easely Amused for a painting class. I recommend this to everyone, it was really fun! Just go to http://www.easelyamused.com/ and you can see the different classes they offer.