I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream... Literally

On Sunday I was going about my business when I heard JM ask Ryder if he wanted a popsicle. I thought this was odd because it was getting close to dinner time. I heard the front door close so I went to check out the situation and here is my husband taking my son over to this creeper ice cream truck. It looked more like a kidnapper vehicle to me, but by the time I ran out there it was too late for me to say anything, I didn't want to appear as a snob!

Ryder, however, does not judge a book by its cover.
He was in tears when the man drove off.

He can be quite stingy. John Michael took one bite from his popsicle, and this: "MY POPSICLE DADDY, IT'S MINE!!!"

Man, that was GOOD.


Ryder was busy singing his ABC's... well until nature called.

Ryder and Sellers had a big time spending the night with CC and Poppy last weekend.  They were saying Go Dawgs here.

We figured we better strip them down for the pizza.

They are so funny. Sellers is saying STOP RYDER!!!

Time to say goodbye :(

Not much makes him happier than his milk and his mote.

Date night at Salsa's

Later on, we went grocery shopping.  We pulled into the parking lot and Ryder said "NO grocery store."  How did he know we were at the grocery store?  I do not know.  But he loves to help carry the groceries into the house.  And he wanted to wear a hat like his daddy had on.

Let's see how many ways he can look just like his dad.  "I got my tie on, my belt on, and my tape measure hooked onto my belt.  I'm ready to do work!"

Ryder's latest fashions.  He refuses to wear his crocs unless he can wear them with his socks too.  I've tried everything but he won't give in.  If he's not wearing his crocs 'n socks, he'll be going barefoot - is basically what he's telling me these days.



This is going to be short (for me) because I feel like crud, I think it's a sinus infection.  And I don't have time to go to the doctor today to get a prescription and they won't call anything in because I haven't been there in 2 years, blah blah.  But, I also feel like I'm getting behind on blogging so I want to post just a few things.  For one, I've been busy planning Ryder's 2nd birthday party, which is in 3 weeks.  Weird. 

It's a Dr. Seuss Party, and planning it has been fun!


I got a new phone because Cellular South is the best and I told them I would give them props for giving me a fantabulous deal (my job does have perks being that I meet alot of people, and I got a new Galaxy out of it, thank you Jesus now it doesn't take me 90 seconds per picture on facebook like it did with my Hero).  Ok enough of that. 

Here is a video I took of Ryder singing his blessing before he eats.  It's sideways because I didn't know you had to turn the phone for it to show up straight.  If you can't understand him, he's singing, "God our Father, God our Father, we thank You, we thank You.  For our many blessings, for our many blessings. Aaaaa-MEN, Aaaaa-MEN!  That's what they sing at school.  Just precious.

Then, I wanted to take a picture of Ryder to try out the new camera on the phone.  I was wondering why he made an awful face when I hit the button and then he told me it was bwight. 

I thought he was just messing with me so I tried it again.  Same reaction, but worse.

He was right!  I tried to take one of us and JM couldn't even look at the camera.  That flash is brutal!

Our friends Ashlea and Kyle had their little girl, Sofie last week.  That hair!  Look it!  It's really not fair that she has more hair at 1 day old than Ryder at 2 years.


I bought Ryder four different packs of flash cards.  Numbers, Shapes, Colors and Letters.  He is in hog heaven, I tell you.

Like really.  He's gung hoe over them.  Can't get enough. 

I think it's just that he really loves to learn.  I took him in a store the other day and if he didn't ask me what every single item in the entire store was.  What's dis mama?  What's dis mama?  What's dat mama?  What's dis mama?  What's dat mama?  Then he'll go, "What about...?"  "What about...?"  And then I don't think he'll ever remember what I told him and next thing I know, we'll see that particular item somewhere and he tells me what it is.  Weird things like oven mit for instance.


Even though it is alot of work being the only "girl" in the house, it's nice alot too.  I wish I knew what they were talking about on their way to the dump.

And it's so nice that when I have late meetings, etc., John Michael isn't afraid to take Ryder wherever.  Last night I had a JA meeting until late and JM and Ryder went and played golf, just them two.

Talk about dad of the year, I went to Starkville Saturday for the day/night to meet up with friends and as I was getting ready to leave, JM was getting Ryder ready because they were going to spend the day in Vaughan.  He sat Ryder up on the counter to brush his teeth and I looked down at his feet.

When did Ryder turn 65?  No thank you, we wear ankle socks.  I had to explain to JM that these were his winter socks.  He says he was joking by putting these on.  I do hope so.

We had a lovely time in Starkville, mainly because it was not yet infested with students.  We did lots of shopping and my stomach was literally sore on Sunday from laughing so much.  And we got to celebrate Meg's engagement!  Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Out to dinner.

As always I was missing little Ryder but JM did a good job of sending me photo updates.  Here he is with his cousin Madison reading on the chair.  Sweet!

Sunday we made up for lost time on Saturday and played and colored with chalk on the rocks till we dropped.

Thursday night we cooked out with these babies and their parents.
Levi, Ryder and Gaines, they are too fun!  Can't wait to watch them grow up together.

Being sweet and reading at church.

Hopefully I won't wait this long to blog again.  So long!