Mi Familia

Have you ever pulled so many socks out of the dryer that you wanted to scream?  And then.... they are all inside out and 20 different sizes?

And then brewed some coffee late in the afternoon, turned on your favorite Netflix, and things seemed to flow much more smoothly?

Until grouchy woke up.  And went straight to time out.

But it was over real quick because we had to hit the road to Guntown... Auntie and Uncle visit!

I'm embarrassed to say, this was my kids' first time to carve a pumpkin.  Even more embarrassed to say it was mine as well.

Ryder really formed a relationship with his pumpkin.  They bonded.

The boys got to watch movies.... in a bed.... in a bedroom.  They are so spoiled when we aren't at home.  We don't have a TV in any of our bedrooms.

The next morning it was so fun to shower Brooke and baby Roe!  So excited for a sweet little boy babe to join the family!

As soon as we got home, John Michael wanted to tidy up the yard in true male fashion.  He may or may not have yelled at me to bring the water hose after a few minutes of "just burning the leaves."

Rhodes has a bodyguard for life.  I'm just gonna say that.

The dirt pit had a few mud puddles.  Nothing a good strippin couldn't fix.

OH.  And then the Bulldogs ended up 8-0 right before John Michael was blowing off the back porch.  We were all blown away. (couldn't resist).

While Chuck-e-Cheese isn't ideal for one adult and two children..... they had fun.  And that's all that matters.  And I don't even get stressed about stuff like this.... but something about this trip...

Sometime around 5:30 and 6 in the a.m.

Halloween treats.

Rhodes is a pretty good sport at cards.

Til he catches you sneaking a peek.

Rhodes is having a fit over everything being BIG lately.  Gotta have a big drink, big food, big car, big everything.  When I began to pour his juice from the nearly empty container (naturally, right)? He had a freak fest over having his from the BIG juice. So what did I do?  I opened the big juice.

Officer friendly.

 Haunted HiiT

Batman photobomb.

Glad they let Rhodes off work in time to make it to the Halloween party.

I guess you should trick or treat at your own house too.

Up and at em the next morning for a fun day and night away in Ocean Springs to visit Melanie and explore the Peter Anderson Arts Festival.

My punkin head friends.

The boys had an adventurous day back home.
Tractor rides and you guessed it, and apple for Ryder.

Once we got back it was one of the coldest days yet, so I told Rhodes to bundle up  (crazy request apparently).

Ryder said he had a plunger on his head.

But it's a suction.

When I ask Ryder to do his homework, I've learned I need to set aside some time.  I was just expecting 5-7 eights.  Instead, he played how many eights can possibly fit on four lines.  And then he said his hand was hurting.  I imagine it was.

His face says it all.  But as soon as we pulled up to the empty park, he looked over and asked, "where's all the kids?"

But CC came to keep us company!

I took the boys to the drugstore to pick up a few things.  A man who had clearly just moved here from another continent was quizzing me on different makeup choices, he was surprising his wife (very sweet).  Meantime, the rascals were  filling up my cart with supplies.

In order to refrain from having to push two carts since all this store had was compact ONE-seaters, I tried to breeze right past them.  Well, everyone knows how that's going to turn out.  These things stick out like a sore thumb.

If sports don't work out for Rhodes, he's always got the chess team.

Ryder is going to finish that apple one way or another.  He clearly abides by the old wives tale... an apple a day.

My sister called and asked me if John Michael and I wanted a date.  Well...YEAH.  He had some tickets through the bank for the PGA tour.  Fun day.

Kayla and Papa took the boys to the Ag Museum (pre-fire)

And this would be my bed five minutes after I thought they were sound asleep. They're only little once.

Ryder's favorite snuggle buddy.

And his favorite accessory.

Rhodes will do anything for a plate of snacks.  All the way to the car he kept repeating, "Rhodes, don't fill it, don't fill it, don't fill it." (spill it).

It brought me to tears when Ryder asked me to come upstairs for a surprise.  He asked me to sit down on the couch and next to me was a pile of things that he thought I would love.  He told me it was special mom day.  He put a crown on my head, covered me with a blanket, propped my feet up on his toy crate, handed me a note with a huge heart written on it and I (heart) U in the middle.  He gave me everything upstairs that was a "girl color." And he brought me a book.  He is so special, he really is.

Baby....it's cold outside!

Porter's fiesta de cumpleanos  
(that's birthday party for you Americans).

Ryder making Porter feel all special on his birthday.

Mi familia.

Papa spent his morning off hanging out with us and even brought the boys' favorite treat, smoothie ingredients!

Nanni's birthday!  It's just a fact, we'll never blow our own birthday candles out again!

 And a yummy dinner thanks to T! (but cake creds go to Ryder... no, for real).