God made dirt, dirt don't hurt

Dress like a farmer day and Ryder always takes dress up days seriously.  "Real farmers are too hot for shirts!"

The swan in Olde Towne (which I heard was recently stolen).

How bad do you think I wanted to tell everyone who grinned at Ryder at the restaurant that it was dress up day?


All packed up for a fun morning at CC's.

But wait... none of the cups I picked out for Rhodes would do.  He knows what he wants and he gets what he wants.  We've ruined him!

This huge pile of dirt back behind our house is the best thing since sliced bread.  We always take our friends for a tour.

Saturday soccer.

When you play your little heart out you get worn out!

Aunt Kayla


Adult night out dinner!

Gibbes Grocery, a must go back to!

See, we stay in the dirt pit til we start stripping down our clothes we're so filthy.

Mt. Wilson

Kayla babysat the kids at the park so my dad and I could play some tennis!

There are so many things you can do with blocks.

Farmer Day for Rhodes.

He liked this hat better.

Home away from home.

More soccer fans.

My demanding one needed a refill.

Celebrating Papa's birthday.

Ryder and his "sand diaper."

Bryant's came in town from Texas and first things first! You guessed it... Dirt pit!

Followed by a pizza-licious dinner.

Morning snuggles with Melanie.

Nap snuggles with mama.

Ryder went to a carnival at granddaddy's work and came home a tiger.  Then a few days later he made the paper.

My roots called Maghen and told her it was time.

Rhodes had his first trip to the dentist.  And slid down the slide I slid down 25 years ago!

While he LOVES to brush his teeth...

He doesn't prefer having it done at the dentist.  Nope, not one bit.

Well after a few days it was time for them to go back home.  Hugs all around.

That afternoon we went to West Point to stay with the Ketchums.

Ryder got to sleep with the big boys.  BIG TIME!!!

Felt good to be back!

Doctors office shenanigans.

Soccer practice is the pits.

It's like he's next up to step onto the Ring of Fire!

Now does that look like the ring of fire to you?  The kamakazie?

You couldn't pay me to go down this slide. 


He loves me :)

If you can't be at the game the next best place is to watch it with tons of friends and kiddos galore.

Yazoo County Fair.

Pull up a chair why don't ya, Ryder.


Ryder could live off milk and Rhodes could live off buns.

First long-sleeve day of the season!

We have found a new hobby at our house.  Cards, cards and more cards.

And while Rhodes naps I read and Ryder watches the ipad.  But he always makes sure that I have one eye on the show and one eye on my book.

And then Rhodes just kept on sleeping.  So we went outside for....

You guessed it... cards!

He's seriously good at cards.  He's so quick with each game!  Go fish, battle, crazy 8, you name it!


Post-tennis lunch date.

Pre-wedding date.

Sometimes Ryder joins Rhodes for the extreme naps.

"What are your symptoms?"

Sunny at the cotton patch.

Ryder's 4k class.

 Cotton's like gold to him.

Thankful I was able to enjoy this morning with him!