Whatyou Want Mama, Whatyou Want?

A couple weeks ago we celebrated one Christmas in Yazoo City.  We were entertained by horses and a fainting goat.

Ryder tried to put up a fight against this one.

This goat was very fond of Brooke.

Later we went to Levi's first birthday party.

Ryder and Swayze Jane weren't letting anything get in between them and their cookies.

Birthday boy!

In an attempt to get a group picture, all the moms plus 10 other guests sang Jingle Bells as loud as we could.  These kids were in complete shock.  I probably took 30 pictures and while looking through them, there was no movement from picture to picture, they just sat like this for 3 minutes straight staring at the crazy carollers.

Ryder is such a good help with cleaning up his stuff.  This particular time I didn't even have to ask.  I was in the kitchen and he came waddeling in with this heavy bucket and said, "Look mama, I clean up for you!"

JM always wins fun parent award.  Whenever they go somewhere just them two, I always get a surprise.  This particular time it was Reeces in the car.  Yum Yum.

Ryder has started this new little game with me at night while I'm putting him down.  The game is called "Christmas."  This is how our converstation goes each night: 

Ryder:  "Whatyou want mama, whatyou want?" 
Me:  "I want new shoes"
{Ryder is hustling around with his hands like he's getting them for me and hands "them" over}
Ryder: "Here you go mama, here you go."  "Whatyou want mama, whatyou want?"
Me: "I want a new car"
Ryder:  "here you go mama, here you go."  Whatyou want mama, whatyou want?"
Me:  "I want a new garbage can"
Ryder:  "You don't want a garbage can mama!" 

I've learned that he knows what is a real answer and what's not.  He's too funny.

I know we are waaaaay behind the times, but two weeks ago Toy Story 3 came on TV so we recorded it.  Ryder has never seen this movie, nor heard of any of the characters.  I cannot believe I am saying this, but I have not heard the words Dora or Deigo come out of his mouth in two weeks.  He has watched Toy Story 3 every single day.  Since then, Toy Story 1 and 2 have come on and those are recorded as well.  Unfortunatly though, they were recorded on regular TV, not a movie channel, so you know what that means.  Commercials.  While I'm getting ready and Ryder is laying in the bed watching it and drinking his milk, every 15 minutes I hear a shrieking sound, and it's Ryder telling me to turn Toy Story back on.  Darn commercials.


We had Christmas with my dad and Becky on Sunday.  One of the things they got Ryder was a big floor puzzle.  It had a piece of paper with it that showed how it was supposed to look put together.  Ryder was so funny, he kept holding that paper (calling it his map) and pointing to it and saying, "OK, what's next, what's next?"  Over, and over, and over, and over, and over until the puzzle was complete. 

"Meeeeeeeerry Christmas"

 Ryder said he was "parking his cars"

We went to see the Canton lights, I've never been before, it was really pretty.

John Michael, Ryder, Todd & Levi rode the carousel.  Lindsey and I willingly stayed back and waved.

We are selling our house so I was taking pictures to send to our realtor and wanted to post one of Ryder's new room (since the bed is NEVER made up in there).  It's such a hassle making up that bed since it's next to the wall.  I'm just waiting on the front pillow, it will be horizontal in that same burlap fabric as the bedskirt with his monogram in the same green of his two throw pillows.

We've only had one incident from the bed.  I heard Ryder the other night on the monitor crying.  This happens pretty frequently, but he usually falls right back to sleep.  It was 1:30 a.m. and JM and I just layed there pretending we were asleep so the other one would get up (you know the drill).  The crying continued for 5 minutes so I started to take Ryder seriously.  With the new room setup the video monitor doesn't work as well as it used to.  So then I heard him say, "MAMA I FELL OFF DA BAY-ED!"  I jumped up and ran in there and sure enough he was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed.  I still think he just slid off and sat down because there wasn't a thump or anything.  I think it just scared him because he couldn't get back up.  Of course I have to be dramatic so I yelled into the video monitor, "John Michael, Ryder fell off the bed, get in here!!!!"

I find this funny... when Ryder wakes up in the mornings and rubs his eyes, sometimes he will start to fake cry and say "I've got a crumb in my eye, get it out, get it out!"  I've never heard it called a crumb.  When I was growing up my mom always called it "matter."  I've actually never heard of anyone else calling it that, ever.  

And he likes to stay in the bathtub for a while playing, so when he gets out he's totally freaked out by his fingers.  He's like, "Mama, oh no, my fingers, what's wrong with them?"  "Fix 'em mama, fix 'em."  So that's my new plan for getting him to get out of the tub.  When I can't sit there any longer I'll tell him his fingers are going to shrivel up, it does the trick.  "Get me out mama, get me out!"

Then tonight he was sitting in my lap facing me.  He grabbed my hair and pulled it around my neck and told me that I had a hair scarf?  I wish I knew where he came up with these things. 


Gettin' on up there

I picked Ryder up a little early the other day and they were eating snack.  Ryder was in full attire during snack, wearing this hat and blue vest.  I was informed he had this costume on all day.  Not going to lie, his hair stunk from that hat.
But I was told that he thinks this is his rescue suit and he and another girl in the class play Deigo and Dora all day.  He thinks he's Deigo and not Dora, thank goodness...  I kind of figured this was going on at school after we were laying in bed the other night and he told me that he rescued the princess today from the witch.  And they had to cross crocodile lake to save the princess.

Few funny things he's been talking about:  One, he's fascinated with deodorant.  Before we leave the house he'll lift his arms and say "I need my odor".  Another thing, he does not "sound his H's" when he says certain words.  A few I have noticed:  "Turn the EATER on" (heater), "You're my ERO" (hero), "I played with Mr. UNTER at church (Hunter).


Saturday was John Michael's 31st birthday.  He and Ryder did a lot of boy stuff together.  First they went to pick up the deer meat from this deer he killed last weekend.  

John Michael and his sister with their deer, Anna Terrell embarrassed him...  :)

Ryder knows that camo and deer go together, so when JM told him where they were going, he said, "I want to wear my camel-fly (camouflage)."  I put this shirt on him and then pulled out some plain pants.  He said,"NO, I want my camel-fly pants too-oooooo."  Everything is two syllables now.

He also requested that they go in the jeep.  Better believe he's going to make sure he and his daddy are wearing their baseball caps if he's going to ride in the jeep.

Saturday night was the Christmas parade.

Lindsey, Todd and Levi were there too! Levi will be one Saturday!

Ryder was picking "berries" this morning before church.  You know those hard red things that grow on those bushes that will stick you?  I guess they are called sticker bushes,  I don't know anything about plants.

This is Ryder in the middle of telling me he wants to go to time-out.  He thinks it's funny to tell me he wants to go to time out and he wants to get in trouble.  When he hasn't even done anything.  Not real sure how to handle this because I want him to be scared of time out.

And he can't quite figure out what is bad and what is not.  While putting up the tree the other night he knocked over my 2 ft. tall clay Santa and broke his arm off.  He proudly exclaimed, "I broke Santa's arm!!!!!!!"  Not long after, he dropped a glass ornament and it shattered, followed by, "I broke that ball mama!!!!!!!"  Bless his heart, he has no idea he's doing anything wrong.  I tell him time and time again, don't do that, that is not nice, you are going to get in trouble if you do that, but he can't grasp it.  Oh well.


Sunday night John Michael was ordained as a deacon at our church

Anyone there who had been ordained before got to pray over those being ordained tonight.  It was special having JM's dad be able to be there with him.

 We were surprised when Mrs. Lisa and Brooke came!

Even though he's gettin' on up there, I would venture to say John Michael had a great birthday weekend :)