Pancake Drama

Sometimes when it's too hot to play in the sun, we just play in the garage.

Ryder spotted Sno Biz and I couldn't turn him down on his birthday weekend.

Don't have to worry about too much sugar keeping him from a nap.

While sorting through some fall hand-me-downs, I couldn't resist playing a little dress up.

An all time favorite, throwing rocks in the pond.

Ryder would have none of this paper hat nonsense at Buffalo Wild Wings, but Rhodes on the other hand...

We surprised Devin for her 30th


Charlotte and her bow came by for a minute :)

Happy Birthday Devin!

Playroom roughhousing 

Some of Ryder's buds from church came over to play.  The mama's were upstairs taming the 5 little siblings and I came down to fix lunch for the wild ones.  They had already helped themselves to cheese puffs up on the counter.  My pendant light was swinging above.

Rhodes had his tear duct probing surgery.  6 a.m. kisses at Batson.

I wanted to get a good picture but couldn't keep him still.  But this is what his eye looks like 100% of the time.  Even if I wipe it clean, crust comes back within the hour.  It's all over his top lashes too, but you can't see in this picture.  It's been like this since he was born.

23 pounds of love.  Look how long he looks!

Another close up attempt. 

All dressed out and waiting to head back.

We got to watch the sunrise while we waited to go back.

Sweet prayers over our little angel.

All done, and all CLEAR!!!  It's amazing how I never noticed that when he cries he does not have tears come out of his right eye.  I didn't realize until that afternoon when he woke up fussy from his nap and I saw tears coming down both cheeks.  I knew something was different but couldn't put my finger on it.  That was when Ryder yelled out, "look mama, he's got tears in both his eyes!"  Then I realized that was what was different!

This year I am helping teach Ryder's TOT class at FUMC.

Precious moments and not even staged, believe it or not!

When it's a fight for dad's lap, you just let them both ride.

Apparently Rhodes gave in.  And Ryder got hot.  And sleepy.

Goodness, me!

I now know what it's like to have four kids under 4.  For a day.  Now I know why God didn't bless me with four kids under 4.

My once organized playroom.

We only had one bloody incident.  Deer horns were involved.

Ryder is determined that he is taller.  Even if it means cheating.

John Michael put his culinary skills to use for Saturday morning breakfast.

The boys entertained each other while breakfast cooked.

Ryder loves to say the blessing.  While I love hearing him bless the food, what I love even more is right before he starts he looks at everyone and says, "heads bowed, eyes closed, hands folded."  Too much.

I can't believe it took four years for Ryder to bring me a pet from outside.  This is his new pet worm.

I was having a grand time with my legs propped up sipping coffee on the back porch but John Michael wasn't having that.  He put us to work.

Ryder has gotten really creative with his food choices lately.  This particular snack was banana yogurt with goldfish and raisins mixed in.  He licked it clean.

School pics (4 yrs)

We got to go swimming with Swayze and Maghen.

Rhodes was bored of the water so I got to chase him around the pool.

If you thought Ryder's yogurt concoction was odd, try lucky charms with goldfish on top.

We love to Face Time John Michael several times a day.

As we were walking out the door for church on Wednesday, Ryder threw on a last-minute addition.

I served in the preschool room and quickly learned I am not meant to be Ryder's teacher.

After church Ryder was running around proudly with his tie and claiming to be from school of rock.

Thursday, Ryder's class had their first field trip of the year to the zoo.

After the zoo trip I taught my TOT class.  And then when I got home I rested for a bit and then took a shower.  After I got out of the shower I noticed my ankle was starting to hurt.  Before long it was swollen and I couldn't put any pressure on it when walking.  I immediately called Lindsey and she came right over and worked her physical therapy magic.  She diagnosed me with a sprained ankle and ordered me to lay down with my leg propped up.

Ryder did not like this at all, he kept checking on me and worrying about me.  But when I asked him to lay by me he refused because he said he was scared he would "get it too."  But he made me a sweet card.

Then John Michael made me soak my leg in the ice bucket.  He said I needed to go 15 minutes.  I made it 13 and thought I was going to die.  Seriously, it hurt worse than labor pains.

After what has seemed like months since any rain, we saw the storms brewing and soaked up our last few minutes of dry weather.

John Michael was determined to get the grass cut before it rained.  Rhodes didn't care if it was raining or not, he was going to make sure he was seen and picked up for a ride.

Once the rain started, he was impressed with the water pouring out of the gutters.

Rhodes school pictures (14 months).  I don't know why the photographer took them so close up and printed the one of him looking off, but - it is what it is.

Saturday morning, JM went to do deer camp stuff so we had a fun morning making pancakes.  Well, fun until OCD had a meltdown because one of his pancakes was oddly shaped and not a perfect circle. Guess a few goldfish on top would've made things better.

After a while he decided he was over it, and we had a nice game of go fish.