Do the Urkel

Ryder had to get his shorts altered in the waist for Kayla's wedding.  The seamstress must have them pulled up real high and I was in the dressing room trying on my bridesmaids dress and I heard him tell her to pull it down because he looked like Urkel.  Sometimes we pull his pants up real high as a joke and tell him he looks like Urkel, and you know he forgets nothing.

Then I took the boys to the library.  Ryder has always been a huge fan of books until recently.  Honestly, I think it's our fault.  I'm worn slap out from having the kids day and when it's time to put him down I'm just not real big on reading a book for 30 minutes.  Let's be honest.

So once I realized he wasn't my little book worm anymore it broke my heart and we went to the library.

Ryder was so proud checking out his books.

After the library we checked out the area around back and they had some fun stuff for boys.  A giant chair and a big creek with lots of rocks and water and all kinds of stuff Ryder loves.

Rhodes is completely crawling, pulling up and just enjoying catching up to his big brother.

We had his 9 month checkup and he is:
Weight: 50% (20 lbs 8 oz)
Height 50-75%
Head 50%

This visit was just a finger prick so it wasn't too bad.  No tears, just a shocked little look as soon as he got stuck.

John Michael called to tell me he would be late because he had a surprise.  Not gonna lie, I had lots of fun things going through my head.  But then he walked through the door with a ginormous stuffed deer.  It wasn't the surprise I had always dreamed of.  However, when I saw how proud he was wanting to get a picture of it with his two boys, to me, that's all that mattered.

Then it was Rhodes bath time.

Best way to keep him contained in the tub.  Wild man is about ready to go scuba diving.  I can't even blink while bathing this one.

Saturday we were honored to be a part of Noah's baby dedication.

Ryder and Levi waiting with patience.  

Precious family, some of our dearest forever friends!

Wilson and Fyke boys, many crazy times to come I am sure!

Sweet ceremony and sweet baby :)

Rhodes and Noah hanging out afterwards, future BFF for sure...

Then Saturday night Kayla had a shower.  Love my beautiful sister, could she be anymore perfect?

Mama and daddy had a night out for a few hours!

These blocks are the number one toy currently.  Ryder's imagination

When Ryder wakes up from nap super cranky, sometimes I get frustrated with all the whining, and then I'm like oh my goodness I love these moments!

We will miss walking to the park once we move!

Silly boy chasing me around the playground playing his new favorite game, "Tag."

Little climbing monkey.

Rhodes and I had a Kroger date and by the time we checked out, he checked out too.  He was over it!

Homeboy had it with shopping.

Ryder learned the importance of voting.

Proud citizen.

I introduced Rhodes to this fruit mesh contraption.  I put a banana in there and it kept him occupied for a good 30 minutes.  It kept him from chewing every item in our home for those 30 minutes, which was the best part.

Sweet Rhodes, he'll be able to keep up one day soon.  He follows Ryder around like a little puppy.  It's precious actually.

House update: All appliances are in as well as sinks, faucets, etc.  Only thing left to do is touch up the paint, put in the bathroom mirrors and seal the floors.  We have about 7 days to go.  Wahoo!!!