4-D Sonogram

John Michael and I had our 4-D Sonogram on Monday and invited our moms to the visit. I'm almost 29 weeks at the sonogram. Here are several pictures from the hour-long photoshoot! The umbilical cord was in front of his face the entire time so we couldn't get great shots, so next time I go for a sonogram she is going to print some more pictures for us if he is in a better position. And by the way, for all you bald baby lovers (Courtney Skelton!), she told us that for now we've definitely got a bald little baby (you can only see the hair in 2-D so she switched it over to that). Whatever that is that looks like hair on the sides, is not.
We also got some really great news while I was there... I no longer have placenta previa! It moved up to 3.3 cm and anything over 3 cm is not considered previa. Thanks for the prayers!

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