Play Ball

Dora, Dora, Dora the Exploraaaaaaaaah! 
Ryder said NO DOOOOWA, NO BUTTS (dora and boots)

After a few minutes of staring at her.

Hi Mom!

The Carousel - JM came very close to jumping off due to nausea symptoms.

"Wone ride da hawwseee"

Sooo serious

Then he wanted to ride the "Too Too"

We survived our first MSU baseball game with Ryder, and really well actually.  He's not really the type to sit still through anything.  They played Ole Miss at the MS Braves stadium. 

At first he didn't really want to go.

Him so handsome

Grandaddy and Nanni came too!
House Divided

Cheering loud!  He's been saying "Pay Ball" since we left.

He said "Go Dawwwgs"


Ryder hates the camera.  Especially when he has something "better" to do (watch tv).  I tried to snap a picture of him this morning to email to my mom since she's been in Greenville for a long time staying with my grandmother, and I know she is so ready to see him to cheer her up after seeing my grandmother sick.  I tried CC, but I was OBVIOUSLY, getting in the way of Dora.

First try

Second try

Third and fourth tries were just the same.  Better luck next time!


Ryder is on this kick as soon as he wakes up.  It's the same line every morning.  He's standing up in his bed, holding his blanket to give to me, he'll say "naaaneeee" (blankie), then he'll point over to his sound machine and say "sheen off" (machine off).  We'll do that, and I'll pick him up and tell him I need to change his diaper.  "Nooo diapie, nooooooo.  Dooowa and butts, milk, mama daddy bed."  He's toooooo ROTTEN.  But he is the light of my life!

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