That Scary Tornado

If you haven't heard, a huge tornado hit Clinton on Friday morning.  It is nothing but a miracle that nobody was killed, or even severely hurt.  I am thanking GOD for wrapping His arms around our town that morning.  I was at work when it came, and I was on the phone with John Michael, who is 3 minutes down the road.  While I was talking to him he could see the tornado right across the street from his bank.  He works at BankPlus in Clinton, and just a few minutes later he got a call that the tornado had hit one of the other three bank branches in Clinton.  It was so bad, it took a couple cars out of the parking lot and carried them across the interstate, it blew the glass through the front doors and it tore the roof off the building.  And that's just at BankPlus.  There are stories from all over town.  We did not have any damage to our home or neighborhood, just loss of power for the night, which is obviously miniscule.  There are so many people in Clinton who have lost their homes, cars and valuables.  I truly feel blessed to be a part of this town.  We may not have ALL the bells and whistles as other towns, but we are such a close knit community and willing to do anything and everything for one another.  Here is a clip from WLBT showing some of the aftermath.  Yes, that is a house turned over on it's side :( which belonged to an 84 year old woman who was trapped underneath the rubble. 

I did not take any of these photos, I just found them on Facebook.

Entergy hard at work right after the storm.


Cars flipped on the interstate (nobody was in them).  I think these are the cars that belonged to employees of BankPlus which is right by the interstate.

BankPlus - Springridge Branch

Such a sight

A home in Trailwood (It's on Hollyberry, Kristen)

A home in Easthaven - one of our elementary schools is in this neighborhood.  It hit the school sign and the playground, but miraculously missed the actual school which held 800 children.

As you can see, this is devastating to the victims of this tornado, please continue to pray for our community and those involved.  Oh, and I was very happy to learn after all of this that Ryder's preschool, which was built a couple years ago, was built to stand the strongest tornado (F-whatever the number) - just wish I would've known this during the storm!


  1. Gosh, Brittany, I was thinking about y'all when I heard it had hit Clinton. So glad no one was seriously hurt! Such a miracle!

  2. so glad you're safe! my brother & his wife live in clinton, and i called immediately after the storm... it was frightening!