Our Tube Adventure

Checking the vitals

It's just torture getting weighed
(just wait until you are old enough to care)

Trying to take the attention off the stupid little hospital bracelet on Ryder's arm.  If it weren't for that, we could've cut the tears in half.  We eventually managed to move it to the ankle.

Pure misery

It gets worse. 
You can see where he is tugging on the bracelet.

Maybe things are looking up afterall.

Nevermind - Makes me sad.

A little loopy on the pre-anesthesia meds.  Funnnnnnnny!

Why they don't offer this the day children are born, I do not know. 

He slept alot more than normal yesterday, but when he was awake, boy was he awake.  He was running all over the place, laughing, eating good, talking up a storm.  So if you are thinking about getting tubes but you are hesitant, just do it. 

I seriously can't believe how much Ryder talks now. 
A few Ryder-isms:

-I get it
-I get down
-Mote is? (where is the remote?)
-My daddy's shoes (when he tries them on)
-Pull!!!! (when trying to pull out a book or something from a shelf, or trying to pull us up off the couch or floor)
-Mama kiss it
-Come on (and does the hand motion)
-Mama Daddy get up
-Bed (when sleepy)
-No diaper (when I'm changing his diaper)
-Daddy in shower (when we walk into the bedroom and he can hear that it's on)
-Dora and Boots (when he's ready to watch tv, which he calls TB)
-Fooooon (give him a spoon to eat with)
-I fix it
-I sawwry mama/daddy
-Thank you
-Counts to 10 (well, 2-10) and then says tirteen, fiteen
-He can make the sounds of a sheep, cow, bird, horse, dog, cat, monkey, lion, tiger, duck
-When I am getting him dressed every morning and have put on his shirt and shorts, he says "socks and shoes" and runs in his closet to get them
-He knows the names of alot of what he eats.  He'll say "yogurt, apple, fruit, berries, cheese, turtey (turkey), cheerio's, tootie (cookie), cracker, milk, juice.  But most of the time he says "No" in front of all of these items.  I think it's just a habit, because he'll say "NO CHEESE" and then take a bite.
-He knows all of his body parts and everybody else's.  Eyes, nose, mouth, neck, toes, fingers, cheeks, tongue, teeth, hair, ears, and unfortunately, wee wee.... (the "cool" trick his dad taught him)
-He knows two colors well, green (neen) and purple, and is hit and miss with yellow, blue and red
-He knows what is hot in our house and when he passes it, he tells us it's hot: stove, oven, microwave, coffee pot, food when it's out of microwave, candles, fireplace, etc.
-He weighs 27 lbs and wears size 5 diaper during the day and size 6 at night

Okay, okay, I'm done bragging for now.  I'm just proud of him!

I do have one question:  How do you start the process of potty training?  Does anyone have a book suggestion?  I know it's a little early, but I like to be prepared.  We bought a little potty and set it in the bathroom.  I've never mentioned to him what it was, but he pointed at it and said pee pee.  Not sure how he knows this unless it's from school.  Anyway, last night after bath I sat him on it just to see what he would do.  He started straining big time, but nothing happened.  So I took him off the potty and not two seconds later, the loudest thing I've heard come from him and splat, all over the floor, two inches from the potty.  He's had diarhea from this augmentin (sp) he takes for his ear infection.  And oh my...  I will spare you the photo.


  1. Thanks for sharing this!! Glad it went so well. Collin is getting tubes Wednesday :/ The bracelet pics are so sad but really funny. As for potty advice?? Introduce it early but be patient and realistic. And for sure don't stress about it! :):)

  2. Oh the splat made me laugh! I am glad he is getting better.