Family Trip - Could've Been a Flop

What a weekend!

If you read my last blog post, you saw that we would be taking our first family weekend vacation.  I also mentioned that it could get interesting.  I had a little feeling Ryder would get sick, just an instinct, because well, it had been a whopping 2 weeks since he had gotten sick!  And you know that he gets sick at least every 2-3 weeks, right?  Friday afternoon we loaded up and went to Jelly Stone Park!  It was such a cute place and so much fun!  Well, Friday night he woke up all through the night crying and with fever.  He basically slept on top of JM's head the entire night, this was the only way he could get comfy.  Bless JM's heart for taking one for the team.  Saturday morning, I called CMG's after hours clinic first thing.  I was so excited when the nurse that called back to schedule his appointment was none other than my bff Kristen!  So I knew she'd get us in quick.  We got the first appointment at 9 a.m. and sure enough... you guessed it.  Double Ear Infection, his EIGHTH one in his 1 1/2 years of life.  Not to mention, his 26th doctors appointment plus one trip to the ER (I make Kristen look this up for me, I know it was getting on up there)  Geezers.  $30 co pay times 26 visits, plus a nice bill from the ER, that'll get ya!  Moving on, poor Kristen had to give Ryder his rocephin shot and we went and picked up his prescription for ear infection, and went back to the park because all of our stuff was there, plus, the doctor said he would be fine.  We were going to see if he started to feel any better before we packed everything up.  He got a little nap and and started making improvements, so we stuck it out the rest of the day.  He did great during the day and until bed time.  He did wake up again throughout the night, but overall he was fine.  We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!
Not even close to everything we took

Loaded up.

When we got there, beginning to show symptoms.

Testing the water

It felt good!

Not afraid of the water.  At all.  Unfortunately...

 We eat on the couch when we are on vacation.

After dinner, we went fishing.  Ryder didn't like the fish up close.

This is the next afternoon, after the doctor visit.

Scared of Yogi (or is this Boo?)

 Golf cart ride to the pancake breakfast.

"Byeeee Bear!!" What he said every time we rode in the golf cart.

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  1. Poor Ryder :( But it looks like such y'all had fun! I need to check into this!