Uh Oh

Ryder was in my bedroom and I was in the closet hanging up clothes.  I kept hearing him say UH OH, UH OH, UH OH, but he says that all the time so I didn't think anything of it.  Finally, after he realized I wasn't coming for him, he ran up to me holding these, and still saying UH OH.

UH OH was right.  He snapped my glasses in half. 

Ryder loves a cowbell.  Ringing away before school.

Most nights, before we put Ryder down, the three of us lay in bed and watch Dora while he drinks his milk.  This particular time I was in the middle of telling JM something (can't remember what), so I paused the the show.  Ryder was trying to yell over me to get my attention and after several times of him saying the same thing, I figured out he was saying 'DOWA SLEEP" and I looked up at the TV to see this. 

He's obsessed with people sleeping lately. If either of us pretend we are asleep, he will shake us to try to get us up and say repeatedly, "No sleep mama, No sleep daddy, geeeee-up! (get up).


Saturday we gathered for our annual crawfish boil with John Michael's college football friends at the Crager household.  Here is Ryder and their sweet little girl, Brantlee playing on the jumpy/slide. Clearly, Ryder was about to sneeze.

Everyone enjoying the bugs (I was content with chips and dip)

Sweet Jan and Pace - his twin brother was napping

Collin was showing Ryder the live crawfish.  Ryder kept saying "Feeesh - DEY BITE YOU!"

So glad the Kingrea's came and brought Charlie and their new baby girl, Reese!  Ryder and Charlie had a big time.

They got up close and personal

Ryder, Charlie and Pace were scheming about something.

Up to no good

Ryder's looking like "MA, get me the heck outta here!!!"
Charlie's like "Dude, I got this"

Ryder hangin with the big boys

The next morning was Mother's Day.  Ryder was not feeling it...  I'm not quite sure he wanted to share the attention that day.  But we had to pose by the pretty flowers he and JM got and planted for me for Mother's Day!  Hydrangeas, my fave!

We ventured over to Lula's for lunch (because it has an outside eating area, a must if this family is going to bring the monster).

Playing on the steps during meal time.

It was a GREAT Mother's Day (except I didn't get to see my mom because she has been in Greenville with her mom, who is not feeling too great).  JM tried not to let me lift a finger, but I just can't do that.  Things needed to be done around the house and I can't sit there while JM does the dishes and the laundry, I like to do it too.  So we did it together, which was great.  And when he asked what I wanted for Mother's Day (after telling him that I didn't want anything, over and over, which he would not accept for an answer), I told him I wanted some black wedges.  And instead of getting me a gift card somewhere, he picked them out!  And for dinner, I requested Domino's pizza because it's my favorite - and I'm easy to please in the food department, nothing too fancy shmancy for me!

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