This weekend

Me and Ryder tore up some loaded fries this weekend.

We went to the Perrett's annual crawfish boil on Saturday.  Ryder had his first experience with a trampoline.

He was full of tricks.

Ryder asked no less than 20 times if we could take this dog home with us.

Look at this fabulous tree house!

Ryder also see-saw'd for the first time.  Pace wanted to take his place.

Preston was a good see-saw partner

But then we had a little accident and Ryder almost flew over the front of the see-saw.

He was ready to get down.

And Mrs. Jan got him a juice box, he felt better.

Ryder and Preston just being boys

As always, I take pictures while everyone else enjoys the bugs

This family of 6 siblings age 4 and under blows me away!  Here are the 3 year old triplet girls and little boy/girl twins, all they are missing is their big 4 year old brother!  The Westmoreland Clan, I don't know how they do it!

Mr. Payton explaining the family dynamics to Ryder

Saturday night a few of my friends and I got together for pizza and they showered me with diapers and wipes for my upcoming arrival.  Love those girls.  We were supposed to go to Kristen's house but her blood pressure was really high (pregnancy) and her doctor put her on strict bedrest that day.  So we went to Ashlea's.  We missed Kristen!

Rhodes' sweet little onesie from Lindsey

Kayla got him some little shorts.

And Meg got him this sweet little outfit.  Meg kept telling me I wasn't going to like it beacuse I only liked to dress my babies in frilly stuff.  She's too much.

Mother's Day Sunday

Love being a mother to this one.

And I love that he loves giving sugars.

Watching his new favorite movie, Rio, with all his animals.

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