Triangle Vs. Square

Tuesday night we had dinner at my dad and Becky's to celebrate April and May birthdays.

Ryder walked in and yelled, "A PIANO!!!!!!"  Not real sure where he's seen or played one before, but he seemed right at home.

The other night Ryder wanted a "triangle sandwich."  This is what he calls pb and j sandwiches because I used to cut them up into triangles.  Lately I've just been cutting them into 4 squares but he still calls it a triangle sandwich and hasn't ever cared what shape they are actually cut into.  Not this time.  Something snapped when he noticed his sandwich was cut into squares and not trianges, watch below:

After I transformed the squares into tiny triangles, the new and improved sandwich seemed to suit him just fine.  This is one of those halfway finished crying smiles.
I can't say anything, I clearly remember going to my grandmother's house in Florida and she made me a pb and j and cut it into two triangles and I liked mine sliced down the middle into rectangles. I was furious and I would not eat them. What is wrong with children???

CC and Ryder playing pictionary.

Ryder is not scared to slip on some heels.  He skidded over to the scale and wanted to "see how many he weighed."

Ryder has become very bossy lately.  A few things he has said to me:
  • What's your problem?
  • I SAID give me some more milk!
  • Did you hear me?
  • Go to time out.
  • If he asks me for something and I don't answer immediately, he asks me again by screaming the question.
  • This one threw me off last night, "Mama, I'm gonna pop your tail."
I know it's wrong, but I can't help but laugh.

This morning John Michael accidently pinched Ryder's leg while he was getting him dressed.  Ryder started crying and said "I gotta go tell my mommy what you did."  So he came limping into my bedroom crying and said, "My daddy pinched my leg, I need a bandaid, and I can't walk."  So he hunches over and starts dragging his leg, literally, fake-crying and saying he can't walk.  We could not take it, we were cracking up.

He is so DRAMATIC!

....Yet so funny and sweet.  Last post I mentioned a few things Ryder has said about when he gets big.  I thought it was sweet last night when he said, "When I get big I'm gonna change Rhodes' diapers." And then a funny one last night, but I have to explain first.  Ryder calls armpits "odor."  He'll say stuff like "don't tickle my odor," meaning don't tickle my armpit.  Well last night out of the blue he said, "When I get big I can have hair on my odor." 

Ohhhh myyyyyyyy gosh!!!  Not sure I was ready to hear that.

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  1. I love hearing all these Ryder stories! It gives me a glimse into my future when Hudson gets older. So excited for you and baby rhodes! Ryder is going to be a great big brother!