Annual Yogi Bear Camping

Packed n Ready

Discovered the dandelions and ate a few...

I think we lost count at 150 - # of times he went down the water slide.

Bummed about leaving the water park

He does love a Cutie.  Made him forget all about leaving the water.

Looked over to find that Ryder had pulled his own pants down and was showing Gaines how to pee on the tire.

Holding Gaines tight in the golf cart.

This hand holding was not staged, soooo sweet.

Boys will always find the dirt.

Unfortunately the "camp" restaurant was closed, so off to Ward's we went for some burgers.

All clean and enjoying Cars before bedtime.

These floaties did not last very long.

Duck was much more practical for his use.

This fish jumped off the side into this ring float 100 times by himself, I could not believe how fearless he was with the water.  At first he would jump to one of us, then he just jumped in all alone.  Good grief!

Love a watermelon

If it wasn't for Meg's wedding happy, we would not have been able to grill burgers with that nice fire you see in the background.  Thanks guys.

He was so hot from playing he had those sweat drops sliding down the side of his face like big boys get.  So old.

Enjoying breakfast on the deck.

Once we got home, he was worn out if you can't tell.

Before I forget:  Few funny things Ryder has said the past couple days:
  • When I get big I can like lettuce.
  • When I get big I can reach the cookies.
  • Daddy works at the bank
  • Mama works at the gas station.
  • When he's scared of something he says, "I'm scared from the monster", I'm scared from the snake", I'm scared FROM instead of scared OF.  Makes me laugh every time.  I haven't corrected him because I think it's cute.
  • He's added one to his 10 spanish numbers: uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nuevo, diaz, one hundred.
  • They had prince and princess day at school and he asked me if I had a princess dress, I told him no and made a sad face.  He said don't be sad mommy.  I said but I want a princess dress, will you get me one?  He said no, because I can't drive.


  1. Ryder has a very nice butt mmmmmmm

  2. Any pics of Ryder naked while facing the camera with his cock showing?