Baby has a name

FIVE things baby-related:

Four praises from my 27 week appointment this past Thursday:
#1 passed the glucose test
#2 don't have low iron
#3 placenta has moved up so I do not have to schedule a c-section or worry about being on bed rest (for that reason at least)
#4 I got a free 4D scan again (long story why).  I can't tell if he looks like Ryder or not.  I think they all look alike on sonograms, but he does look mighty handsome to me.

Praise #5 is we have decided on a name:  I ordered a shirt with his name on it and when I showed JM he said, "Have we officially decided on that name?"  I said, "Nothing is on the birth certificate yet, so I guess it's not official, but this shirt was $150."

He suddenly loved the name.

(obviously it was not $150, more like drop the zero, but men don't know how much baby stuff costs).

Rhodes it is!
His full name will be Rhodes Joseph Wilson.  Rhodes is a family name on my mom's side.  Her Rhodes is the one who named her (there were 9 children in her family).  Joseph is my dad and grandfather's name and also John Michael's grandfather's name.  So the name is special to us.

Lots of friend stuff to post about:  Last Wednesday Shelly was in town from Seattle, so we all grabbed dinner and just caught up on life.

Then Friday we headed out of town to Louisville for Meg and Scott's wedding weekend!

Rehearsal Dinner at Market Cafe.

While we brunched, the guys went to play golf.

The cute brunch at Cuppa

After the brunch I drove over to Starkville for my nephew's 2nd birthday party

Ryder also went to Walker's baseball game

Love that my college friend and blog friend, Heather, posted these pictures from the ballgame on Facebook so I got to see how much fun they were having.  So glad Ryder got to meet Jones!

Then my mom and George brought Ryder over to the wedding.  He did not make one peep the entire time, I kept my eye on him...


Ryder and Swayze gettin' down at the reception.

Introducing Meg and Scott, don't they look great?

This was in Meg and Scott's backyard.  I cannot believe the way they transformed this into a wedding reception.  It was absolutely perfect!

When the song "Shake shake shake.... shake shake shake.... shake yo booty" came on, Ryder did not disappoint.

John Michael and the pretty bride.

Ryder, Swayze and Kameron were nowhere near tired.

Ryder found a prop from the photobooth.

Photobooth fun!

And I can't forget to mention that I turned 28 on Friday.  It was a great birthday as I got to celebrate Meg's wedding and be with all of my friends!  JM is always buying me cards for my birthday and they are sometimes $5-6.  I think that's a rip!  So I told him not to buy me cards anymore.  I can't believe he listened (or either he forgot to buy me one) because I got this handmade card from him.

And diamond earrings! I was shocked! I have never had anything real that was diamond except for my wedding ring. What a surprise and something special that will last a lifetime!

I was off work on Monday, thank goodness, so I was able to recooperate from the weekend. Ryder and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then we went to the library, then had lunch at Chickfila, then went to Walmart. We came home and he napped for 4 hours and I got lots of cleaning and unpacking done, and I actually cooked dinner. It was a great Monday!

Can't leave without some stories on Ryder:
  • I think it's safe to say he is potty trained!  For about 2 weeks now he tells us everytime he has to go.  We've had to pull over on the side of the road several times over the past 2 weeks.  He told me twice while we were at Meg's wedding.  So I know he must really be potty trained for him to leave that dance floor to go potty.
  • Everytime he poops he gets up and looks in and says "Is it green?"  (TMI...sorry)
  • His daddy told him if anybody ever messes with Rhodes to do like this {that move where you make a fist with your right hand and punch the palm of your left hand} so he likes to do that alot now and tells me that's what he'll do if anybody messes with Rhodes.  The first time he did it he came in my room and said "This is what I'm going to do to Rhodes", I looked over at JM with this look of disgust, like what did you teach him that for?  Then he said Nooooo, and corrected himself.
  • He has a thing with my painted toenails.  He always says "Pretty toes mommy!"
  • He is a little confused with the definition of "girlfriend/boyfriend" - he told me that Levi is his boyfriend.  As soon as he said it JM told me I better not put that on my blog. 

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