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What did we do over the past week?

We went to a Braves game, Ryder was fussing about something, can't remember what.

Dippin Dots made him feel better

Connie was there and took his picture, thanks Connie!

My dad came over to keep Ryder for his weekly Monday night visit while we have small group.  They did their usual Chick-fil-A dinner and came home and read books and took a bath.

Tuesday morning we were out of cereal and I was starving so I made biscuits.  Ryder has to have cow sitting by him or in close proximity during bath time, potty time, of course sleepy time, on the way to school buckled up next to him, and now all of a sudden meal time.

Wednesday, Ryder's class wanted to make a train in their room.  Doesn't surprise me that he's leading the train, he thinks he has to be at the front of everything.

Then we got back his school spring picture proofs, seriously killing me with this hand on knee pose.

Thursday on the way to school Ryder wanted to play "can't find me" (new favorite game).  I have a bit of chlaustraphobia and this exercise below put me in panic mode so after nearly 3 minutes under the blankie I had to yank it off, he was not happy with this.

Friday afternoon I had to go get some makeup and a couple other things at renaissance and went into Libby Story, where I could buy things all day long.  Clearly I have a distorted view of my mid-section because I took nearly 6 things in the dressing room to try on.  Why did I think they would fit?  Well, I left with a pair of shoes.

Friday night my sister and her boyfriend came over and we all went to eat dinner.  First of all it took over an hour to get our food from the time we ordered.  I ordered soup and salad because we had also ordered 2 appetizers.  After the food was finally delivered and they were all almost done eating, mine still hadn't come.  Then the waitress dropped by to inform me that soup and salad was only served during lunch, but not to worry because it was her fault for not telling me that (duh).  Then she asked if I wanted to order something else off the menu.  For Real?  We got there at 7:00, it was 9:00 by this point, plus Ryder was with us.  No thanks on that.  Needless to say we got home about 9:45 and Ryder was wired.  That child didn't go to sleep until 10:45 pm, we set a new record.  We seriously contemplated waiting it out to see how long, exactly, he would stay up.  He's never fallen asleep without us putting him in his crib or bed.  I honestly think he would've stayed up until 4 a.m.

Saturday morning we went to our nature center's Nature Day and Ryder got a kick out of walking through the "forest."  He loved to pick which "path" he was going to take, and he picked up a stick and said he was going to save us from the bears.

Later JM's parents came over to help us get our new swing set!  Our sweet friends in our small group just moved into a house that had a swing set and they had no use for it so they offered it to us!  Since we are selling our house we are going to let it live at my mom's house until we get situated for good so we don't have to keep taking it apart and putting it back together.  Plus, all the grandkids can enjoy it until it's time to come back home with us :)

Sunday afternoon we played t-ball, soccer and golf in the backyard and then laid around and soaked up the sun.  While Ryder was napping earlier in the day I finished a book outside and I was out there less than an hour and burned my belly up.  It's lobster red.  It hasn't seen the sun in some time.

Sunday night we went to eat at Cock of the Walk, there is one close to our house now.  We got some extra cornbread and went outside to feed the goats and ducks, Ryder fed himself some of it too.

Ryder's bedtime routine consists of TV and milk in our bed for 30 minutes or so.  Sunday night I was laying there letting Ryder feel the baby kick.  JM snapped a sweet picture of Ryder and lobster belly (you can see as it starts fading to white around the backside - yuck!)

I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow, this has flown.  I am at the point of extreme uncomfortable-ness, if that's a word.  I have got to go get a maternity body pillow today if I plan to sleep a wink tonight.

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