Wiggin' Out

This past weekend we went to the beach for Meg's bachelorette party.

While Meg was still down at the beach we ran up to decorate for her theme, "Meg's Gettin' Married and We're Wiggin' Out!"

Devin, Lindsey, me and Ashlea getting ready and waiting on Meg to come up to suprise her.

Here's her wig, veil and shirt, too cute!  I had a girl on Etsy make these iron-on stickers and I think it turned out great.

Funny cake Kristen made

Cute straws Devin made

Meg's special glass and straw

Mandy, Courtney and Maghen wiggin' out at the Hangout

Me and the bride wiggin' out

Me and the sisters wiggin' out

Whole group - trust me, it wasn't hard to get anyone to take our picture.  I think we counted 11 people who came to our table to ask if they could take our picture with their own camera. 

Love this one of Lindsey and Meg - It was Lindsey's 28th birthday that night too!

Maghen's fro

Meg and her pretty sisters, Emily and Amy

Friday night after dinner the non-pregnant 8 girls went out to Flora Bama and us three pregs went back to the condo, Kristen, myself, and one who can't be named yet :)  I asked for plenty of pictures throughout the night so we could just sit at the condo and laugh.  We got lots of Meg doing karaoke:

And one of her borrowing the bathroom attendant's helmet (typical)

Saturday night, super cute sash Mandy made

Dinner at Cosmo's

After dinner we went back to the condo to do our bachelorette party tradition, the opening of lingerie (we always make the bachelorette try on the best piece - ha!) and the reading of the poem. I nearly went into labor laughing on Saturday night. For each of our friends, Devin writes a poem starting from as far as she can remember until now. I have Meg's on video and sorry, it won't be shared on here! None of us in the room could breathe we were laughing so hard. Then, we played a new game. Before the trip I went through facebook and found pictures of all the guys Meg has either dated or gone out on dates with over the years and printed them out.  There were about 10 guys to "discuss", so each of us went around the room and pulled a picture out of the bag and had to describe to Meg what her life would be like if she was still with this person. And then Meg had to guess who we were talking about. More ab-crunching laughs all around. 

Devin reading the dreaded "roast"

Wiping our eyes from laughing so hard we were crying


Sadly it was time to leave Sunday morning, but at least I had some wonderful people to look forward to seeing when I got home!  John Michael did a good job of sending me pictures over the weekend.

That's Ryder there in the carseat, under his cow.  He was asleep under cow.  He likes to take cow everywhere he goes.

I am looking forward to two weeks from now as we celebrate Meg's big day!  More laughs and memories with the best of friends will be made, I am sure.

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