You guessed it... an Easter blog

When I inserted my memory card it said I had 306 new photos.  Not to worry, I have narrowed them down drastically.

Thursday I hid eggs for Ryder's class.  He didn't know when he ran outside that I would be standing there, he was so excited!

Class Photo

Patiently waiting on Mrs. Hannah and Mrs. Ashley to divvy up the eggs and give them some candy

Thursday night we had a special guest.  Sellers was staying with Poppy and CC so they came over to eat dinner and play.

Blessing their meal (that they didn't eat)

Because they were too excited - we accidently told them before dinner that we were taking them for ice cream.

Friday was interesting.  I pulled into Ryder's school to drop him off and there was not one car in the parking lot.  I thought, this is odd, I know they are open today.  Why did I think that, I do not know?  They were closed.  Mom to the rescue.  Later on JM and I took Ryder to Kids Fest.

I was nervous having him ride this horse by himself, but I was getting on JM's nerves worrying about it, so I just stepped away.

Saturday we went to Vaughan for Nanni and Grandaddy's church hunt and Easter lunch.

I was so proud of Ryder for putting his hands together and closing his eyes when the preacher started praying.

After lunch Ryder was ready to hit some balls with the boys.

Nanni showed him how to get the tee in the ground and put the ball on it.

Ryder caught his first fish!  We have it on video, it was so cute!

I couldn't believe it, he was grabbing worms left and right to use as bait.

Saturday afternoon JM killed a snake in our backyard.  Gross, nasty, sick, UGH.

Saturday night we went to dinner to celebrate Mama Cain's 90th birthday.

Sellers, Walker and Ryder

My sweet family (and new addition, Anna Love!)

Ryder and Sellers started to get a little delirious.

Little Easter happy for Ryder.

The infamous Easter Sunday picture

Next up, Easter lunch.

Ryder, Walker, Tucker ready to begin their search

Sweet cousins

Family photo

And if you can believe it, the weekend did not end there.  Nope, we had a birthday party Sunday night!  Gaines turned 2!  Gaines with his cupcake goatee and Ryder with his cupcake mustache.

Sadly, it was time to put on our shoes, go home, and call this weekend a wrap.  What an EASTER!


Our nightly bedtime routine is the same each night. Ryder picks out one book, we read it, when we're done he always says, "I don't want this to poke me, put it back in the basket." Then he requests stories, normally he asks for a story about a prince. He often tells me that he is the queen and I have to remind him that boys are kings and girls are queens. I attempt prayers but he'll throw out a few names and ask for another story, so unfortunately, prayers aren't as successful as I always hope. 
The other night instead of asking Ryder to say his prayers, I asked him what we needed to thank Jesus for. He said, "I don't know" and I explained to him that we needed to thank Jesus for all of His blessings because there are lots of little boys and girls that don't have a bed, a house, food, clothes or toys. This really disturbed him and he seemed to melt right away. He got this high pitched voice and repeatedly told me that he would let them sleep in his bed, and he will give them his toys and that they can have some food in our refrigerator. Then he continued to talk about how some little boys and girls don't have this and that. I don't know that he fully understood what I was telling him, but the fact that he said all on his own that he wanted to share with these children was enough for me. I didn't tell him that is what we are supposed to do, but he just knew. Sweet child, that Ryder.

And then, I was most pleased when he told me about his cross that he painted.  He said "Jesus died on the cross so we can be happy."  And he added, "And then he came back alive."

I can assure you I did not know that at age 2.  I am so proud of him and my biggest prayer is that we can raise our children to know and understand Christ and what it all truly means.

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