Man Trip and a Thrifty Deal

Ryder has really taken his gardening skills to the next level.  Looks like a gardener on crack with those eyes.


I scored big on this app purchase.

Ryder wanted to race dad down the slide.

Then he wanted to race me.  He told me to go down on my belly like him.  Not happening.

I don't know what it is but everytime John Michael puts Ryder on his shoulders he holds on to his face for dear life like this.  One hand covering his eye.

This past weekend it was just me and Ryder.  John Michael and Will went on an interesting journey to the big city of Clarksdale to camp out.  I got lots of nice picture texts along the way.  As soon as they arrived I got this picture:

I jokingly told him they better hope it doesn't rain so they don't have to stay there.  He wrote back and said they were staying there the first night, that it was some historic landmark where JFK, Jr and others had stayed over the years.  That wouldn't sell me... 

Here he is chatting with Rat, the innkeeper since 1946.  True story.

Will and Rat having a good time.

They ventured out to this little gem Friday night.  The only people there were this man playing the blues and the two of them.

The next day in photos

So peaceful

While they were there Ryder and I had a grand time.  Not quite as relaxing, but grand.  We went for breakfast to Chick-fil-A and met my sister there.  On the way home as I was driving, Ryder kept saying "mama you're green."  I didn't look back at him until he had repeated it no less than 10 times because I kept thinking he was saying the light was green (he always tells me when I can go on green and when I need to stop on red).  Then I looked back and saw why I was green.

While Kayla was here I had her come over and help me organize the baby's room and more importantly, color coordinate my closet.  I switched my clothes out a couple weeks ago meaning I brought the spring clothes in and took the winter clothes out.  My closet is tiny and I have to do this every time the seasons change.  I haven't been able to find anything in a hurry, so sister to the rescue.  Oh, and my closet is not hot pink, that's a red bin up top full of my winter clothes.

Laid up on the bean bag in JM's closet and directing.  Not really, I was actually mopping, sweeping and doing all those fun things while she organized and Ryder napped, I was just taking a break.

My hero for the day!!!!!!!  At least she got something out of it too, a closet full of clothes to take home that don't quite fit me at the moment.

Saturday night while JM was still gone, Ryder and I went to eat with his parents and sister.

It is very rare, if ever, for Ryder to eat bread.  He refuses bread and picks it off of everything.  I'm not sure if because it was so dark brown he thought it was a big brownie, or he was just starving, but he nawed that thing down to the end.

Sunday was our city's annual egg hunt.

I was there with two hats on, parent and volunteer.

When John Michael got home from his trip he only had a few minutes before the egg hunt started.  So once we got home from there he was ready to crash on the couch.  Ryder thought he needed some animals to snuggle with and loaded him up.

Then he wanted to pretend he was napping with his animals too.  He was sweet, he said "Daddy you can have all my animals and I will just have one animal."

They rested for about 2 minutes and then Ryder was ready to go outside and play.

It was once again a jam-packed weekend, but a fun one!  And here we are on Tuesday and I just got Ryder ready for his school pictures.  I had to bribe him BIG time to put on this outfit.  He said "I don't want to wear an outfit, I want to wear shorts"  I told him he would get a really great surprise this weekend if he wore his outfit and smiled really good for me and for the lady at school who was going to take his pictures.  Bribe worked.  Not sure why he's got this skinny top lip going on...

This is also his Easter Sunday outfit, so you'll be seeing it again.

He rudely ended our session telling me, "I already told you no more!"

Can I add that I went to pick this outfit up from being monogrammed and he had some other child's monogram on it, she got the orders mixed up.  However, she fixed it in no time and here we are.  So let me give you a total of Ryder's Easter outfit (have to brag on my thrifty shopping skills).  Kelly Kids jon jon (consigment) $15, Bailey Boys white shirt underneath (consignment), $8.99 but had a small stain so I got it for $4.50 (stain came right out), Sun San sandals (consignment) $8.99 and last but not least, a mistake on the monogram order, FREE!  Total for a nice brand monogrammed outfit that he'll get to wear for multiple occasions = under $30!  Beat that mama's!


  1. love this post! ya'll sound like you stay busy busy! i have to know, where do you get all his cute stuff on consignment? you know i love those sun san sandals!

  2. I wish we were closer! Ford talks about coming back to see y'all all the time. Ford also hates bread and tells me how to drive. He is constantly screaming "Go". They are two peas in a pod!

  3. I love "slide on your belly too" and" i dont want to wear an outfit, i want to wear shorts" so cute