Workin' at the Car Wash

The other day when the weather was perfect I wanted to take a stroll.  I wanted Ryder to go too, and if I can be honest it's getting rather hard for me to push his 30-some-odd pounds in a stroller, especially up hills.  I get out of breath really quickly.  So I put on my sweet face and asked hubs to come along (and stroll Ryder).

Except Ryder refused to ride in the stroller
(Where's Ryder?)

He insisted on riding in the basket, or else he was not participating.

Saturday was a big day.  Last year, my office put together a group of young adults called Y.A.L.L. which stands for Young Adult Leadership League.  Our third event was Saturday and was a crawfish boil and YALL-lympic games.

Our crew

Here were two members of our team doing the 3 legged race.  John Michael participated in the egg toss, and out of 8 teams he won, and we got two zoo passes, yay!

The Fyke's

Ryder was organizing the Dizzy Bat Spin.

Cheesin before church

After church we had lunch.  This restaurant had a tree out front.  Ryder thinks when a tree is in sight that he must pee on it.  When I saw a car pull into the lot right next to the tree I ran inside and left him and JM out there to be embarrassed.  I wasn't having any part of this.

 Good mood after nap, getting ready to wash the car

He needed a reminder on how to get the popcicle to push up

"Look, I did it!"
(it's the little things)

Forget the $5 car wash

Our azalea's were looking sad, Ryder gave them a drink.

If you don't know, our house is for sale.  It's been for sale since January (I think).  Our plan is/was to let the house sale, find somthing to rent, and build on our land while we are renting, hopefully for 6 months or so.  We are not brave enough to start building with an unsold house.  I haven't been in a huge rush for it to get sold because of the new baby coming, but now I'm getting a little bit antsy.  I have decided if it doesn't sale by May 1 we are taking it off the market because I want to feel settled for those 2 months before the baby gets here.  JM says May 31, I said let's meet in the middle at May 15.  We will see. 

I have started washing clothes and getting them in drawers and hung up because I don't like them sitting in boxes and I'm just ready to be doing something for the baby since I'm not changing his nursery.  At least I don't think I am.  For now, I'm just sticking with Ryder's stuff.  If we were going to have already been in our new house, I would've gone with something new, but instead I decided to save that $$$ and keep it the same.  I think John Michael is pleasantly suprised with this decision of mine.

Now we have to settle on a name.  We've got something in mind, but we have to come to a 100% agreement because once I decide, I don't want to change.  I'll give you a hint, if we decide on this name, let's just say this baby will be getting Ryder's monogrammed hand-me-downs.  Yessssss!!!!!

I moved Ryder's diaper changing table/dresser to the new nursery and I took Ryder in there there to change his diaper the other day.  He pointed over to the crib and with a huge grin said, "That's not my crib, that's for my little brother!"  It totally melted my heart, it's really the first time he's acknowledged him without me saying something first.  And I've certainly never heard him call him "my little brother."  So so sweet.  Speaking of being a big brother, I decided big brothers deserve "push presents" too.  So I cracked...

I'd venture to say he is fired up about his new toy.

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  1. Too cute! I am so excited for yall with baby #2 on the way! You look great ! Kisses to that precious Ryder!! And have fun nesting!! I want to know the name!!