Spring Weekend, but not Spring Break

Ryder and some of his friends in their green, celebrating the holiday and playing on the playground at school

If you live in Mississippi, you were probably outside all weekend.  We were.  Friday night Ryder had a picnic with his buddy Gaines.

Saturday we made a last minute decision to brave the crazies of St. Patty's and took Ryder to the children's parade.  We called Todd and Lindsey to see if they were interested in taking Levi, they were.  So thirty minutes later we picked them up, strapped in Levi's carseat and us girls wanted to bring the wagon to drag the boys around in.  We were in the tahoe so since there were 6 of us, we had to use the back seats to sit in and there was no room for the wagon in the "trunk".  We did a little engineering and Todd really took one for the team.  He rode the whole way to and from the parade with this wagon handle in his face.

 Closeup.  Makes me chlostrophobic just looking at him!

During the pet parade.  Ryder was keeping a hard eye on those big dogs.

Still on high alert, he's making sure no dogs are getting here him.  Geez, we've got to get this boy a dog so he's not afraid of them like I was growing up.

This picture is telling of Ryder's mood that morning.  He was foul most of the time we were there because we wouldn't let him get on the slide (at first).

But here he is on the elephant ride.  I was quite terrified the whole time he was on it.  He was tiny compared to the other kids, and the seatbelt was loose as a goose, and the ride went way up high.

Levi and Ryder... Ryder is still begging to ride the slide.  It's not that we give a rip if he rides the slide, it's just that the line to get tickets was 15 minutes long.

Well what do you know, here are the dad's in line for the slide.
Yet, Ryder is still not pleased.

Mission complete.

Post parade lunch at Keifer's

Do you see Ryder's sandals?  I'm sorry, but Ryder is NOT too old to be wearing these sandals.  I have some friends and a husband who think he is, but he's not.  Well, I shot myself in the foot Sunday morning... Let me explain.
As I was getting him ready for church Sunday morning I put this outfit on him, but left his sandals off for the time being.  As I finished getting myself ready I heard JM in there putting Ryder's sandals on him.  Then I heard Ryder yell out, "OOOOH MAMA!!!  I got some new shoes just like Celie!"  (Celie would be a girl in his class).  Then JM yells out, "You hear that Brittany?"

Those sweet sandals are unisex, and I'm stickin' to it!

I've always felt this way when it comes to dressing Ryder - from day one.  I'm just not a fan of clothing my 5 month old in blue jeans, a button down polo, a sweater vest and loafers.  Just not gonna do it.  Ryder didn't do it and new baby won't do it either.  Bring on the smock and jon-jon's and I'm one happy mama.


Sunday afternoon JM took the top off his jeep and this gave him every excuse to get out of the house and drive us anywhere and everywhere I would agree to go.  Ryder quite liked the windy ride.  Have you ever seen his hair so flat?

Then we went to the park

And swang

Ryder dunked all his crayons in this diaper box and they got stuck between the cardboard on the bottom of the box.

He tried very hard to get them all, but they wouldn't budge.

He gave it one last attempt, which worked.  Of course by the time he got them out of the box he was no longer interested in coloring.


Back to the grind on Monday.  We didn't get off for spring break like lots of you, but you'da thought we did.  Ours could've been considered spring-weekend as much as we did.  Ryder was in tears when it was time to get dressed.  He cried and cried and screamed that he did NOT want to put on any clothes for school. He was much more content laying in my bed watching cartoons in his birthday suit and covered up in my robe.


  1. Ford has those exact same sandals for this summer. We also have white ones for church and his jon-jons!

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! I LOVE the picture of Ryder eyeing those big dogs. You look adorable by the way. I felt the same way about dressing little boys! Kyle learned to just hush :)

  3. Jones had three colors of those sandals last summer and three colors for this season!! You better just stay strong!! Boys can wear them too!
    Trey made up an ugly song about how I dressed jones for church last Sunday. I don't care. Stay strong!

  4. amen to the no jeans and button ups on your little one! Jeremy thinks all my bubbles and cute smocked clothes are silly but I LOVE them!