Last weekend we got to shower mama to be Kristen with lots of fun and gifts for baby Tate, who will be due in June... on her birthday!  The shower was at Brent's Drugs in Fondren and was cute as can be.  We had Brent's sliders and milkshakes, and the decorations were so cute!  My picture does not do it justice.

Kristen with her milkshake and super cute monogrammed straw!

The glowing pregs.

Our friends Trey and Jill came to visit since they were in town.  They brought their little man Ford who is just a few months older than Ryder, and they have never met before.  It's safe to say if they lived closer together they'd be the best of friends.  Ford informed us that they were in town visiting his daddy who was working at the Capitol in Jackson, smart little thing.  The boys had TOO much fun.  They were in their own little world chatting away. 

I think Ford was pleasantly surprised with Ryder's tractor inventory.  He was asking Ryder if he had a combine and also asked why Ryder's tractor didn't have a cab on it.  I had to ask him what a cab was.

Batter up

Enjoying a sausage and cheese appetizer before dinner.
Ryder calls it shawshige.

It felt so good out, we made them their very own picnic while we grilled hamburgers.

Ryder can't wait to play with Ford again.  When they were getting ready to leave Ryder asked if Ford could take a bath with him and spend the night, too cute!  Jill's having another little boy, too, in June, so hopefully there will be many more Wilson/Lamar boys get togethers in the future.


I am trying to talk John Michael into an ipad for Ryder (well for all of us).  Crazy, I know.  But that's the world we live in today, unfortunately.  But they are full of learning games and and so much more.  Someone was showing me their's the other day and they clicked on Toy Story and the ipad read Toy Story page by page, that's right up Ryder's alley.  Plus, they are great entertainers when out to eat.  We just pop a movie in that sucker and Ryder's good to go through dinner.  Beats him whining and trying to play with knives and throwing food on the table throughout the meal.

I searched my computer for some free learning games and I think I got both of them hooked.

Speaking of being hooked... Usually on the nights that it's JM's turn to bathe Ryder, he just puts him in the shower with him.  When it's my turn, I give him the regular ole' bath in his tub.  It's becoming more difficult to bathe him with all the bending over and what not.  It was my turn the other night and I sweetly asked JM if he would take over.  He agreed because's he's great like that, and I heard the shower turn on (in Ryder's bathroom).  JM let Ryder stand up and take his own shower, with JM's supervision of course.  So now, Ryder will not let me bathe him, he insists on taking a shower instead.  There's something funny about a 2 year old taking a shower by himself, just doesn't seem right.  But whatever works.

I need to share my about my proud civic duty moment.  I was driving down the highway and noticed a car full of people and a 6 month old being passed around the backseat, no carseat, no seatbelt, nothing.  I didn't know who to call so I called 911 and I heard them dispatch it to an officer so I know they were right behind them.  I was running late but I kind of wished I could've followed them until they got pulled over, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE PEOPLE!  I have to admit, I felt a little guilty at first because what if they were dirt poor and couldn't afford a carseat or something, but then I thought forget it, there is a place that I'm sure they know about in our area where you can get FREE carseats.  There is no excuse.  I will admit, there have been times in our neighborhood where I have let Ryder ride in JM's lap, but we are literally going 5 houses down.  We are not on a road where the speed limit is 45 and wrecks happen everyday.  It sort of gives me panic attacks.  This is probably because I was in a terrible car accident and I am just terrified of them, but people should know better.  I'm done, thanks for letting me vent.

By the way, Whoo Hoo! For sharing about Shutterfly's yearbook, they sent me a coupon for a free 8x8 photobook and free shipping. See, it does pay to be a blogger!


  1. We had so much fun at your house. Ford talked about that bumpy road a lot today and asked when he could go back to play.

  2. Girl... an ipad is a life saver!!! They also have the "Leap Pad" by Leap Frog that is only $99 and it is really good for kids too.
    Those things save your life on long car rides and out to dinner!!!