So Long, Peanut

Ryder enjoys locking himself inside of bedrooms.  And then glares at us like we have locked him in.  He gets really mad and starts grunting...

Full and Proud.  Those graham crackers hit the spot.

CRACKS me up with this.  It's the top to his drum set and he likes to smush it into his face and then come up and kiss people through the plastic.  It's the sweetest.

And this is the actual drum set.  He likes to sit in it and get stuck and then get mad when he's stuck.  Then he likes for me to pull him out and he runs back up to it and does it again.  Silly silly.

Well, who woulda thunk it.  Ryder went to the doctor Monday (the snow day without snow) because he was running 102.5 fever, coughing and had a massivly running nose.  After a negative flu test, it was decided that he has a sinus infection.  I'm pretty sure his body is immune to Mucinex and Zyrtec, as I feel like I've given him this for 2 months straight now.  So the doctor today gave him something new for the cough and runny nose.  Please work.  Like O-M-G please!

Since he's been out of commission for the past few days, he stayed at CC's Tuesday.

And his Aunt T kept him Wednesday.
 Something about baskets and babysitters.

Who's cool?

Last night after bath, Ryder walked into the living room and got in his chair and probably sat there for 15 minutes reading to himself.  He was trying so hard to talk, just blabbering away.

I know Peanut hasn't been much of the shining star on my blog, as he is now #2 in our family instead of #1.  I am sad to report that I believe Peanut will be moving to California in February to live with his brother.  However, after walking in my room last night and seeing this, I almost had to change my mind.

But the truth of the matter is, Peanut does not get the attention he once did before our real baby arrived.    I have never been a dog person, actually never really touched a dog until we got Peanut.  But I just love him to death and truly want whats best for him and I know he'll get 10x more love and attention with Jeremy and Allyn Ann.  We got our dogs together  in October 2007 (they have Jack) and although Peanut and Jack have completely different personalities, I think they will enjoy eachother's company.  Jeremy and Allyn Ann moved out to Orange County, CA over a year ago, so now this will give us an excuse to fly out and see them!  They are going to get him in a few weeks when they are in town visiting.

I'll keep you posted whether or not we actually go through with it :(

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