This week is a milestone for the Wilson family.  Ryder started his first day of preschool Wednesday!  I know I should have been worried and upset and all those things, but I just wasn't.  Because I have seen him in church daycare and he just loves it.  The second we walk into church he starts heading for his room, without us sometimes and we have to run and catch him.

So Tuesday night we had a little dinner to kick off the new "school year."  Ryder enjoyed sitting in a big chair.

We had to go in and wake him up on his first day so we were afraid he would be a little grumpy.  He wasn't at first...

Then when we said it was time to go he got a little upset.

 But he was happy as a clam walking in.

Here is his classroom.  And there he is in the high chair.  He ran up to it and said EAT as soon as we walked in.

I forgot to bring him a blanket for his nap so I took it at lunch.  When I walked in his room he didn't see me at first and kept playing with his friends.  Then he spotted me from across the room and with the sweetest high pitched voice he pointed over at me and said "MA MA!!!"  And he ran over to me and wrapped his little legs around me like a monkey.  When I stood up with him he turned around to the kids and just as matter of factly as he could, he said, "BYE!"  He thought he was leaving :(

I think my favorite thing about him going to daycare so far is that he was really excited to see us when we got there to pick him up.  He ran up to us and that's something we aren't used to.  (This is a compliment to Mrs. Connie, because before, when we'd pick him up from her house, he would've been just as well staying there with her!)  So it was really nice to have him ready to leave and go home with us.  Ha!  Although, it was very reassuring when we'd leave him with Connie because it was obvious he absolutely adored her.

The daycare he attends has a camera so I can watch from my computer if I want to check in.  That helps alot.  They said he did great, didn't cry one time (except after lunch when I left), and played well with everyone.  The only thing was he only napped 30-45 minutes all day when he usually naps 2-4 hours.  But it didn't make him sleep any better last night.  He woke up screaming several times, I'm really hoping an ear infection isn't coming on because of all the ear grabbing I've noticed the past two days.


Blogger told me I couldn't post this blog because I ran out of picture space.  I almost puked and then it said I could purchase more space.  Okay, space purchased.  I would never leave you hanging, grandparents!

Over the past several weeks, Ryder has stayed home either because he was sick, or for other reasons, so I've gotten tons of help from family, especially his two aunts, Anna Terrell and Kayla who spent several days of their Christmas break coming over at 7:30 and keeping him all day.  I hate I didn't get any pictures of Anna Terrell's day with him, but I snapped a few during my lunch break with Kayla.

Because of the awkward Mississippi weather, they played outside on December 22.

Hearding Peanut - or MeeNut, which is what Ryder says everytime he see's him.

Couldn't be happier playing outside


A great time was had in Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl.  When we got there we walked over to Jacksonville Landing and had lunch. 

And then attended the Gator Bowl parade.

Then back to the hotel to get ready for the Dawg Pound NYE Party. 
The next morning we got up and headed out for the Gator Bowl.  And the rest is history... 52 - 14!!!  Champs!

A beautiful day in Jacksonville, felt like the beginning of summer

It was great to get back to my little love and even better that I was off work Monday so I got to spend the day with him. 
This can't be comfortable


Sharing a John Michael moment - last night I was cooking dinner and he looks at me and asks if I've been eating goldfish.  "No, I have not... why?"  He says, "Because your teeth look yellow."  Then he follows with, "It must be the lighting."  Excuse me, my teeth are FAR from yellow.  Thanks.


I may have shared this before, but Ryder is starting to repeat everything we say.  When he has a poopy diaper, or just poots, he'll say "POO" or "PEEE-YOUU".  I've noticed lately when he drops something or runs into something, etc., he says "Shoot" (not something I want him saying - but he's obviously picked it up from me or someone else).  So the point of this is that we really have to watch what we're saying these days.  The other day my mom was telling me she knew of someone who named their dog "Damnit" (of course she didn't say the word - you know my mom).  Then she said, "Could you imagine yelling out "BLANK-IT, BLANK-IT" everytime you called your dog?"  And she actually used the word "Blank-it"  Then Ryder thought this was really funny and started yelling "BLANK-IT, BLANK-IT".  I'm just grateful my mom doesn't cuss and didn't say the actual dogs name or Ryder would've been running around saying that, I'm sure it would've been his new word choice of the week.

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