The Celebration Continues

Checking the engine

I got one of JM's relatives this little dress and I had never seen her before but I knew she was the same age as Ryder so I had to use him as my model.

For the pain I put him through, I let him open an early gift (not really - this was from Mrs. Connie)

Trying to get a couple inches

Christmas Eve (day) we went to Greenville to my grandmothers.  I would label this Christmas #__ but at this point I've lost count.

Ryder broke Santa's head.  It went back on but his hat wouldn't stick.

Isn't my boy handsome?

Gave it another shot with Santa (my cousin dressed up).  Just not happening this year.

There's hope...

Christmas Eve (night) I had some baking to do for the next day.  JM politely offered to help me.  I put him in charge of balling up the sausage balls.  After three balls he was already complaining and telling me he will never spend his Christmas Eve like this again.  Oh, the torture I was putting him through rolling up those balls.

Then he got real cute and towards the end and made them super size hoping it would speed the process.

It only slowed him down longer when I made him undo all the super sizers and make them regular size.

While he was doing that, I made cinnamon honey butter for my loved ones.  It took me awhle longer than him and he yelled for me to quit making my "jelly" and go to bed.

We woke up the next morning and celebrated Christmas with our baby (still a little sleepy it appears).
Delivering gifts

We spent most of Christmas break in a box

When JM rolled this around into the living room, Ryder saw it and jumped up and ran over to it, grinning so big.  It was the sweetest moment.

Then Nanni, Grandaddy and T came over to celebrate.  Ryder was proud of his tool belt.

And his tool shed!

Another box

Christmas night we celebrated at mom & George's. 
Ryder and Sellers got in a few tiffs over the gifts.  First it was the phone...

Then it was over who got to open CC's gift.  They are too cute together.

Day after Christmas we celebrated in Benton.

Then on our way home we stopped by the Fyke's so Ryder could finally meet Levi!  Not interested :(

But then he wanted to lay down like a baby.  Gosh he looks huge.

Ryder is changing so much these days.  He's starting to get more hair and he is talking alot too.  He can repeat almost anything we say.  He's starting to play by himself really well too.  He has a big box of lego's and everytime hwe walks up to them he'll say "Bocks."  This morning JM was about to put his shoes on and Ryder walked up to them and said "Chooos."  When I undress him to get the bathtub he'll pull on his socks and say "Socks."  He says "Eat" and pats his belly when he is hungry or passes by the highchair.  He says "Teeth" when I pull out his toothbrush.  When we walk outside and it's chilly he'll say "Told" (cold).  The cutest and newest thing is when he drops something he says, "I geee" (I'll get it) and then picks it up. 

The other day I could tell he was really tugging on his teeth and I have been noticing two more bottom teeth coming through so I just assumed that was why.  It started getting worse so I rubbed some stuff my dentist gave me for when he is teething.  I freaked out.  I felt two huge teeth in the back of his mouth and I thought something was wrong because there was a HUGE gap from his front bottom teeth to those back ones.  Marlee told me later that night that they are the one-year old molars.  No clue.  But I was relieved, whew.  Those stinkers have been making little Ryder MAD though.  Two or three nights this past week I've gone to get him about 2 a.m. from him crying so bad from pain and after I pop some motrin and lay him in our bed, he's sawing logs in minutes.  It's been nice having him with us, but he's dangerous in the bed.  He's clocked us in the face a few times and he snores like a man.  But he's the sweetest thing so I don't mind.

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