Bad to the Bone

He is very good about looking but not touching.  Might have something to do with that other tree practically falling on top of him.

But he likes to test us sometimes

Christmas #2 was held at my dad's house.  Ryder loved the dancing Santa, but wouldn't let him get any closer than this.

His favorite gift of all was somebody walking up and down the stairs with him


For Junior Auxiliary, I was on the Angel Tree committee this year and was responsible for making sure all my angels were adopted, sorting through the gifts I received to make sure families got an equal amount, etc.  One last thing was missing from one of my angels bags so Ryder and I went and got her some little shoes.  We keep these gifts at the 4C's in Clinton, which is more or less a thrift store, until the big day where we hand them out.  Ryder and I went on Friday morning to take the shoes and Ryder found lots of goodies for himself.  I'm no thrift store snob, so if my child wants something from there, I don't have a bit of a problem getting it.  We walked out with the piano below, a toy hammer and a pair of pants for two bucks.  (Of course I cleaned these items thoroughly)

Ryder getting ready to go nowhere

I can't believe this will actually fit him one day.


So, I have finally pulled the blind fold from my eyes and realized my child is (kind of??) bad.  He doesn't take "NO" for an answer.  It's his way or the highway.  When he picks up a spoon, pen, or any other pointy object and we take it away from him (because it is dangerous to walk with these objects, especially in the winter when he wears socks and we don't have carpet), it's a disaster.  He acts like his life is over.  He screams and screams and cries and falls on the ground and I don't know what to do.  This happens in public and it's gotten bad.  We do our best to tell him no and take things from him, but it's almost like we've let things slide for so long, that now it's what he expects.  I talked to his doctor about it yesterday at his 15 month check up and she said I need to start time out.  I told her I didn't think he would understand what it was and she said he absolutely would.  It makes sense.  When I ask him to bring something to me, or to show me where his ears, eyes and mouth are, etc., he follows directions, therefore, he will understand when I say "You are going to time out."  He might not like it at first, but it has to be done.  Because when it is time for him to go to a daycare, he can not be acting out like this or I'm afraid they will cut him from the class.  An example, JM had some papers sitting on the coffee table yesterday.  Ryder banged his hand on the table and swiped the papers to the floor.  JM picked them up and put them back in place and said, "Ryder, please do not touch my papers."  Ryder looked at him and grinned and banged his hand on the table and swiped the papers off again, and kept grinning.  We did this five times in a row to see how many times it would take for Ryder to obey.  After the fifth time, JM popped his hand.  Ryder seemed to think this was funny as well, and threw the papers off the table again.  This is what I'm talking about.  He thinks when we tell him no that it is funny.  I love Ryder so much and I hate to punish him and get on to him at such an early age, but I'm really struggling with it and I just want him to be a good little boy.  I want to fix it while he's still so young so it will be easier along the way.  His doctor suggested some books to us, but I don't have the names in front of me right now.  Do any of you have any book suggestions on disciplining your child?  It would be greatly appreciated.  I can't wait to use the "Santa is watching you" threats next year!  Yesssss!!!  Those seem to always work.


  1. i'm so glad you keep it real on your blog. i like to hear stories like this from other mom's because when i'm in the same situation, i like to know i'm not alone! i think time out is a good idea, but what do i know? i have a 3 month old. ha. and ps. santa watches you ALL year long. not just in december. tell him to remember that!

  2. Ford and Ryder should put on a show together. You give more chances than I do. I yanked Ford's pants down the other day and spanked him. We haven't tried "time out" yet, but I think I will very soon. He tests me hourly. He throws some serious fits in public. I usually just smile and say "I am up for mother of the year"!!!!

  3. Oh it begins :( I think it's completely normal. He isn't "bad." My pediatrician, who has 4 children, says to ignore tantrums at this age... completely walk out of the room. As for outright disobedience, she spanks:( It breaks your heart!! But sometimes it just has to happen. Good luck! Our 2 and 3 year olds try us CONSTANTLY if that helps your feelings. Probably not tho :)

  4. Well first off, Ryder is adorable! I also wanted to let you know that if it makes you feel any better, Mason is the EXACT same with his little tantrums these days. He does not and will not take no for an answer and laughs if we spat his little hand. We just talked about trying the time out thing the other day! Hope yall have a merry Christmas!

  5. Connie aka Mrs. ConnieDecember 23, 2010 at 11:12 PM

    OK... I just can't STAND to read "when he goes to daycare one day" again! UGH Made me want to cry just seeing the words. :( As "Mrs. Connie" would tell Ryder.. "no no no"! ha

    There is not one child on this planet that does not test their parents. You and JM are doing a great job and Ryder will get it, he is just trying to see what he can get away with. Now, for the really bad throw yourself on the floor hold your breath until your red in the face screaming tantrums we used a water bottle! Yep that's right moms just set it on mist.. just like you would to teach a cat to stay off the counters! It may not work for every child but it certainly did for mine and a doctor recommended it to me so I am sure I am not the only one that has done this. I did not drown them mind you, just a quick squirt in the face usually did the trick. After several weeks of that all we had to do at that point is say "do I need to get the water bottle?" and they would straighten up. :) Just have to find what works best for you.

    Now please don't ever mention daycare again or I will have to get the water bottle! ;)