First Trip to the ER

It all started yesterday morning, I could tell Ryder was wheezing a good bit and he had a fast heartbeat, but I thought it was just from him being stopped up and having to work hard by breathing out of his mouth.  I called the doctor to make an appointment and she told me it sounded like from his symptoms, I needed to take him to the ER.  I immediately started crying.  I did NOT want to take him there.  I couldn't imagine my little baby being in that place.  But she said they were booked solid because of everyone having the flu.  She could tell I was upset and kept putting me on hold and finally squeezed me in to the Jackson office to see his regular doctor.  As soon as she checked him with her stethiscope I could see in her eyes he didn't sound good.  She said his heart was pounding and went and got the little machine to check his oxygen levels.  Then she said, "Ya'll, I think you need to take him to the ER."  I just wasn't expecting that at all!  She said she didn't have a patient for 30 minutes and that she wanted to go with us.  She is the sweetest doctor ever!  Dr. Penny at CMG in Jackson.  So we got there and she had called ahead so we didn't have to sit in the waiting room, we just went straight to a room and they hooked him up to the machine and his little heart rate was over 200 bpm, that is high!  It eventually went down, and they never said what it was, but decided he has an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection.

I could not believe he fell asleep in there.  He had screamed for probably an hour straight after being poked and prodded by 5 different doctors and nurses, and I think he was just worn slap out.  Oh, and he definitely has a phobia of doctors.  He has been to the doctor three times in past two weeks plus one trip to the ER.  He will be fine and chatty and when the doctor walks in he screams and cries and squeezes on to us.  He is terrified of them!  I have decided to get him a little play doctor's kit so that when he seems their equipment maybe he won't be so scared. 

We are just so glad everything was okay and that it wasn't serious.  But that is one place I don't want to see again for a very long time, if ever.


  1. The picture of Ryder and JM made me tear up! I can't imagine! Glad everything is ok!

  2. bless him!!! I know how scared you were! Aubrie has been to the er and admitted 3x in her short 2 years and Madyson has been once to the ER. It breaks your heart! Praying for Ryder to feel better! And for yall to have a healthy Christmas! Love ya!

  3. Poor Ryder! so glad he is getting better. Hope is back to 100% soon!

  4. Oh my! How scary!!!! I cant imagine! Give him kisses for us! Hope he gets better for Santa!