Mustard Face

This past weekend we had the year's first Christmas get-together in Yazoo City.  The weather was great so the kids got to enjoy playing outside.

Daddy making Ryder feel better after a bust

Swinging with Grandaddy and Nanni

"If you turn around I'll Shoot!"

Gift Time

A few of my girlfriends at our annual Christmas gathering.

Ryder doing what he does best.

Ryder has taken a liking to my wrapping box.  Here we are playing tug of war (tug a war??) with the paper.

Then he decided to ride the paper around the house like a horse.


Next, he started chasing Peanut around with the wrapping paper tube, which scared Peanut under the bed.  Ryder gets a kick out of looking under the bed for him.

Daddy makes him laugh sooo hard

After bathtime we played safari man

This morning Ryder woke up around 5:45, which is rare.  JM went and got him and brought him in bed with us and he layed still as an angel for 45 minutes.  Then it was time for me to get up and start getting ready and this sweet boy stayed right in place.  He was so comfy watching tv and laying on top of his sleepy daddy.

Lunch time hasn't been good to me the past two days...

How embarrassing... yesterday I went home for lunch and made a sandwich.  I was in a huge rush because I spent most of my lunch break at Walmart, so I ate quick and ran out the door.  I had been at work for more than two hours and called JM to ask him if he was planning to get out and if he did, could he bring me a Coke Zero.  He called a bit later and said he was on his way and to come out and get it.  I was at least 20 feet from his car and he yells, "My Gosh, WHAT'S on your face?"  Did you eat something with mustard on it?"  I quickly ran to his truck and looked in his side mirror and sure enough there was a huge glob of dried bright yellow mustard on the side of my mouth.  DIED!!  I get really embarrassed about stuff, and there had been two people who had come in my office to bring stuff.  One was a guy bringing us Christmas cookies as a happy.  On his way out he said, "Share these, now".  I thought his comment was odd, and I was kind of hung up on it until I saw the mustard an hour later.  That boy probably thought I was a gobbler and didn't like to share my food with ANYBODY after seeing my face.  This was no yellow speck, this was a full blown mustard blowout.

Then, today at Chick-fil-A I placed my order and drove around to the window and the girl was hanging out of the window with my food before I could even pay.  Since I couldn't understand what she said the total was when I ordered, I didn't have my money ready.  Once I got to the window she told me the total again, and I was looking for the correct amount of change and she said to someone next to her, "She's just sitting here counting her change and my arm is about to fall off from holding this food."  I stopped counting and just looked at her and said, "...um, I'm sorry" in a smarty pants voice.  I wanted to say, "Get your dangly arm out of the window if it's hurting so bad."  Bah humbug.

Speaking of change, Ryder is still enjoying his money saving. 

Except now, when we run out of change to give him, he tumps the jar over and gets money from there and keeps repeating this until we stop him.

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  1. This is so funny... the mustard, that is, but NOT the drive thru lady. How rude! Ryder looks as cute as always. Love the Christmas shirt :)