A Date in the Woods

First off, let me give a friend brag alert!
So proud of Kristen and Teddy on their wonderful cover and article in Metro Christian Living, you should read it - http://www.metrochristianliving.com/current-issue/.  The Lord has really blessed them and they have given back by blessing others.  Now, not only is she a good person, she's a good house stylist.  I emailed her Wednesday night asking her advice on two chairs that I want to get for our new house.  On Thursday she sent me a picture of two she found for me and I swept them up that afternoon.  Love a friend with some decorating talent!
As you saw in my last blog, I went hunting with JM for the first time on Thanksgiving.  I didn't have alot of time to go into detail, so I will now since this was a momentous occasion.  Hunting is not something I was crazy about doing because I despise guns and I also despise watching animals die.  I think it's very sad.  But I knew it would mean a lot to him if I went and we actually had a good time talking without a little munchkin pulling at our legs.  While I absolutely adore when my munchkin pulls at my legs, it was nice to have a good quiet 30 minutes.

He saw one he wanted...

And he got him :(

Ryder had fun with Grandaddy, Nanni and T back at the house.

Rhodes was all smiles getting his little hand and footprint done.

We're started bananas and sweet potatoes.  We started this about a week after he turned 4 months.  I give him half a container mixed with rice cereal 3 times a day.  He takes it down like a starving horse.

We love to snuggle while we wait on daddy to get home from work.

Stalling for bedtime.

We've introduced the clock.  We put a clock in Ryder's room and told him when it's 8:00 that means it is time to go to sleep.  And we told him not to come out in the morning until it says 7:00.  He takes these instructions very seriously.  This morning Rhodes woke up about 6:30 and on my way into his room I noticed Ryder's light was on.  I opened the door wondering if he woke up in the night and turned it on.  BLESS his heart.  He was laying at the foot of his bed wide awake staring at the clock. We asked him what he was doing, he said "You told me I couldn't get up until it said seven."  Saddest thing.  Needless to say we changed the rule to 6:00.

Happiest baby on the block

I do love a good Thanksgiving break hair appointment where I can take my time.  I also love when I have a hair appointment and Maghen double books me with a friend.  Good catching up time with Kristen and Maghen.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, thank goodness for my hair friend!


Buncha' Family

This post will have minimal commentary, just a big photo post of the remainder of our Thanksgiving festivities.
Thanksgiving Day - My grandmother's in Greenville.

Stick & Pinecone baseball with Micki

The newly engaged couple, practicing for those engagement pics.

The old married hags

Sweet cousin Micki and sweet sister Kayla

Thanksgiving night we had dinner in Vaughan.  I went hunting with JM and he killed another buck.  Had to get the Wilson boys with the deer.

Friday we got a little break before we got started again but it was spent black Friday shopping and wedding dress shopping beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Saturday, Thanksgiving # 4 at my mom and George's house.

And we wrapped it all up on Sunday with Thanksgiving # 5 in Benton.

Tired - but thankful to have that much family.
You think five is alot?  Wait til my Christmas post...
Gobble Gobble!


Rhodes - 4 Months

Rhodes at Four Months:
Height: 25"
Weight: 14 lb. 11 oz.
Head: 42 cm
= 50th percentile in all three

Rhodes is:
  • taking 5.5 - 6 oz bottles.
  • I started rice cereal for the first time today (will discuss further below)
  • nurses when not at daycare, about 20 minutes
  • squeals and talks up a storm
  • gnawing on his hands
  • lights up when he sees us, but a guaranteed smile if Ryder gets in his face and talks to him
  • size 1 diapers
  • 6 month pj's (which is what he's in 90% of the time)
  • still not much hair, I'm pretty sure he's got less than at birth
  • he WAS taking last feeding about 7:30 pm, waking around 6 am.  However, over the past couple of weeks he's been waking up around 3 am to eat.  If he does this he won't wake up until 7:30 am or so.
  • finally lifting his head up good while on tummy time.  For a while there if he was on his stomach he was not even studying lifting that head.  He's acting like he's trying to roll over from his stomach to back but hasn't done it yet.
  • holds his head good and steady when we're holding him or have him sitting on our lap
  • since it's gotten real cold recently, I've been putting him in a sleep sack to sleep in at night.  Before that I was using a blanket.  I know that's a no-no, but we have the the Angel Care monitor which gives me a major peace of mind at night.
  • sitting up in the Bumbo seat.
  • last but not least, he's growing toooo fast.

If JM and I are having our own convo, Ryder has no problem just talking to himself, or maybe it's his imaginary friends he is talking to.  We sat there and listened to him have a 5 minute conversation with who knows who the other night.   He was in our room just walking around and talking and just doing stuff.  Then he came out in my glasses with his drum set and started talking about "what month is this?"

Then he began to belch out the months in song, something we had no clue he knew.  I especially love his "cha cha cha" at the end.

Friday after work John Michael was all giddy about going hunting Saturday so we had to take the obvious trip to Bass Pro Shop.  I only agreed because I remembered Santa was there.  We have missed all opportunities to have the boys' pictures made with Santa so I was very excited about this opportunity.  Rhodes didn't smile, but he didn't cry either, and he wasn't scared.  Ryder wasn't scared either.  But he keeps referring to Santa as "Noah" from the Bible.  After we left he kept talking about how he told Noah what he wanted for Christmas???

I must admit, I am 100% more laid back in the outfit department this time around.  We decided at 5:00 pm we were going to have Santa pics taken and at 5:15 both boys were dressed in Christmas attire.  3 years ago, with Ryder, I would've shopped for weeks to find the perfect Santa outfit.  This time around I just ran to the closets and found anything that resembled Christmas, and slapped it on.

Ryder will have a fit if he can't control the stroller.  He's such a little boss-man.  His teacher pulled me aside the other day to tell me what a natural born leader he is.  It's no joke, if he's not in control, he's not settled.  It's true, and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.  All I can say is it's true.... And he takes after his father.

I guess our trip to Bass Pro paid off since JM "got him a nice one" the next morning.  He got him as soon as he was walking to his stand, before he even got his morning started.  I was shocked when I got a text at 6:30 a.m. with a picture of his deer since I knew he didn't get out there until after 6.

He left at 4 Saturday morning and came back at 8 Saturday night so I had a nice long day with the boys.  Kayla came over to do some wedding planning and helped me out a lot.  We stayed in our jammies all day and I think Ryder was starting to get delirious from being stuck inside all day.  He did a little reverse planking while eating his daily apple.

My little Rhodes-y is getting so good at holding onto things and paying attention to them.  The little squeaks this giraffe makes totally excites Rhodes.  He's growing so fast.

Rhodes had quite the night Saturday night.  I don't know what was up.  But all I know is I was up and feeding him all night.  I've never insisted on John Michael getting up with the baby since he's been born.  Sometimes I think it's just easier to do it myself.  But this night I would've insisted he take a turn.  However, Ryder was having a hard time going down too so JM went to put him down and ended up sleeping all night in there.  How nice.

The next morning around 5:45 a.m. I left this nice note on our bedroom door before he decided to come in and make himself at home and wake me up at the crack of dawn.

If you can't read it, it says, "Please let me sleep.  I got up at 12, 3, 4 when your alarm went off, and 5:15.  I've never left a note like this before, so I think he knew I was serious about my sleep.  And he left me alone too.

But that's okay, we were up and ready to leave the house for church by 8:45 the next morning.  Love those wake-up eyes Ryder gets early in the morning.

Rhodes at 4 months old

The season's first Thanksgiving lunch, at dad and Becky's.

Aunt Kayla and her nephews.

Today Rhodes is 4 months old.
November 19, 2012

In honor of his monthly birthday we tried rice cereal mixed with breast milk.  I think it was a little too cold, he didn't scream or anything, but he just didn't seem too interested.  Ryder was begging to help, which didn't actually help.  He was basically just pouring the mixture down Rhodes' bib and not getting much spoon to mouth contact.  I am wondering if Rhodes has been waking up so much because he's not getting enough to eat during the day, so I was determined to get some cereal into his belly.  So I ended up putting some in a bottle.  I made him another bottle at 7:30 for his "last" feeding so I could put some more cereal in it.  He sucked it down so we'll hope for the best tonight.  I never did put cereal in Ryder's bottle when he was a baby, so I don't really know what amount I'm supposed to do.  I'm not sure if I did too little, too much, or what.

I must say, I think that cereal gave him some serious energy.  I went to rinse out the bowl and came back to find Rhodes halfway over.  This is the closest he's come to rolling so I'd say the cereal was a success.


Let the planning begin

Saturday morning John Michael and I took an impromptu trip to New Orleans.  State was playing LSU in Baton Rouge.  But that's not why we went.  We went to surprise my sister and Bennett for their engagement!

She didn't know we were there (he did) and he just told us where they were after they got engaged and I was able to tap her on the shoulder and have her turn around totally not expecting me, it was great!

So sweet!

My recent lack of blogging is entirely due to spending my online time wedding planning.  It's fun though!

While we were there during the day we met up with Courtney and Casey, Walker and Tucker who were there for the Saints game.  Look at Tucker passed out in the stroller.

As soon as we pulled up to get the boys Sunday morning Ryder ran up with his flower he picked for me.

Snuggling as soon as we got home.  
We've got these 24 hour trips down to an art...

Bonding time.

Ryder refuses to leave the house without his "hood" as he calls it.

His other favorite hood.  He's just chowing down on this apple.  He's a fruit NUT.

We were excited to go to Ryder's Thanksgiving Feast.  He was pretty thrilled that we were there too.

I was quite impressed with their "performance."

Every time I pick Rhodes up from school his teachers ask me if he ever cries.  No, he doesn't!!!  He's truly the sweetest baby in the world!

Monday we were both off work for Veterans Day and got to tackle our first house decision.  We went to pick out our doors and windows.  Oh what fun!

Ryder was just fine waiting on us, watching Madagascar 3.

Yum brunch at Another Broken Egg, our first time to try it.  Delish!

Ryder always says, "Can I just hold him?"

Ryder has made it a habit to come out of his room 3-4 times after he goes down each night.  I'm a little softer to this than John Michael is.  Tonight JM was at a late church meeting so Ryder came out 4 times, about 5 minutes between each time.  Here were his four excuses:

  • "Can you cut my toenails again?  They're really big."
  • "I don't feel very good.  I keep sneezing.  What happens if you, ummm, aaah-aaah-chew, ummm, sneeze too much?"
  • "Doc McStuffin's mom tells her to crawl back into bed when she gets up.  Tell me to crawl back into bed mama."
  • "I forgot something.  Sorry." (gives me a big hug).
I just can't get mad at him for getting up, I think it's cute.  I need to toughen up a little bit.