A Date in the Woods

First off, let me give a friend brag alert!
So proud of Kristen and Teddy on their wonderful cover and article in Metro Christian Living, you should read it - http://www.metrochristianliving.com/current-issue/.  The Lord has really blessed them and they have given back by blessing others.  Now, not only is she a good person, she's a good house stylist.  I emailed her Wednesday night asking her advice on two chairs that I want to get for our new house.  On Thursday she sent me a picture of two she found for me and I swept them up that afternoon.  Love a friend with some decorating talent!
As you saw in my last blog, I went hunting with JM for the first time on Thanksgiving.  I didn't have alot of time to go into detail, so I will now since this was a momentous occasion.  Hunting is not something I was crazy about doing because I despise guns and I also despise watching animals die.  I think it's very sad.  But I knew it would mean a lot to him if I went and we actually had a good time talking without a little munchkin pulling at our legs.  While I absolutely adore when my munchkin pulls at my legs, it was nice to have a good quiet 30 minutes.

He saw one he wanted...

And he got him :(

Ryder had fun with Grandaddy, Nanni and T back at the house.

Rhodes was all smiles getting his little hand and footprint done.

We're started bananas and sweet potatoes.  We started this about a week after he turned 4 months.  I give him half a container mixed with rice cereal 3 times a day.  He takes it down like a starving horse.

We love to snuggle while we wait on daddy to get home from work.

Stalling for bedtime.

We've introduced the clock.  We put a clock in Ryder's room and told him when it's 8:00 that means it is time to go to sleep.  And we told him not to come out in the morning until it says 7:00.  He takes these instructions very seriously.  This morning Rhodes woke up about 6:30 and on my way into his room I noticed Ryder's light was on.  I opened the door wondering if he woke up in the night and turned it on.  BLESS his heart.  He was laying at the foot of his bed wide awake staring at the clock. We asked him what he was doing, he said "You told me I couldn't get up until it said seven."  Saddest thing.  Needless to say we changed the rule to 6:00.

Happiest baby on the block

I do love a good Thanksgiving break hair appointment where I can take my time.  I also love when I have a hair appointment and Maghen double books me with a friend.  Good catching up time with Kristen and Maghen.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, thank goodness for my hair friend!

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  1. Hunting isn't my favorite thing either, but we have to go for some quality time with our men.

    The clock deal cracked me up. Ford would have done the same thing. Bless his little heart.