Buncha' Family

This post will have minimal commentary, just a big photo post of the remainder of our Thanksgiving festivities.
Thanksgiving Day - My grandmother's in Greenville.

Stick & Pinecone baseball with Micki

The newly engaged couple, practicing for those engagement pics.

The old married hags

Sweet cousin Micki and sweet sister Kayla

Thanksgiving night we had dinner in Vaughan.  I went hunting with JM and he killed another buck.  Had to get the Wilson boys with the deer.

Friday we got a little break before we got started again but it was spent black Friday shopping and wedding dress shopping beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Saturday, Thanksgiving # 4 at my mom and George's house.

And we wrapped it all up on Sunday with Thanksgiving # 5 in Benton.

Tired - but thankful to have that much family.
You think five is alot?  Wait til my Christmas post...
Gobble Gobble!

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