Christmas Kickoff

Christmas festivities have kicked off.  We enjoyed breakfast with Santa Saturday morning.  Ryder decided to be scared of Santa this time.  But not Rhodes. 
I was working the event so I was real impressed that JM got both children there by 8 a.m.
Next up we rode out to the lot so I could see the progress.  They've got our slab formed so we took the plans out there to figure out what's what.  Now we are just waiting for it to quit raining so we can get started.

That afternoon we went to celebrate Anna Love's first birthday!  Her brother Sellers was really in the Christmas spirit.

Saturday night was our Christmas parade.

Man that was a busy day.  Ryder finally passed out playing with his flashlight.

Sunday after church we went to get our very first real Christmas tree.

John Michael now has the tree of his dreams.  A real tree with big colored bulb lights.  He's been begging for these lights since we got married and I figured this would be the year since all our normal Christmas stuff is in storage and we had to buy stuff anyway.  Ryder has not slacked on his job of watering the tree and turning it on as soon as he gets up.

 Rhodes is enjoying the lights too.

Sunday, Rhodes rolled over!  When he's laying on his back he can roll over to his stomach.  But he still hates tummy time.  If he's on his tummy he just keeps his little face planted into the ground and doesn't budge.

Rhodes has been eating like a champ.  He's about 4 1/2 months and he is having 3 containers of food a day.  He has a bananas for breakfast, green beans for lunch and sweet potatoes for dinner.  At first I was doing half a container for each meal and mixing it with rice cereal, but now that he's taking a whole container at a time I've dropped the rice.  I also put rice cereal in two of his bottles during the day.  He seems to be getting a little chunkier than I remember Ryder getting, so I've put a call into his doctor to see if I'm giving him too much.

Ryder's clock has become quite the situation.  Since the incident last week, you will remember that we told Ryder he could come out of his room when the clock said 6 instead of 7am.  The very next morning that we told him this, he came busting through our bedroom door and our clock said 6:01.   He was holding his underwear in his hands and said he'd already been to the bathroom, taken his pullup off, and climbed up in a chair to reach his underwear drawer.  I am dying to know how long he had been awake because he obviously went to use the bathroom at 6 on the dot.


The other day Anna Terrell was keeping him and she put him down for nap around 12 and told him not to come out until it says 1:00 (assuming he'd wake up around 2 or 2:30 but just told him 1:00 to give him a number).  He came flying out of his room at 1:00 on the dot yelling, "My clock says one!!!!" so he had apparently been watching the clock that entire hour instead of sleeping. 

I think we are going to remove the clock.


I left Rhodes on his playmat and Ryder watching a movie on the ipad.  I went into the kitchen to check on dinner and then John Michael walked through the front door.  He walked over to the boys then came back to the kitchen and said, "Did you put Rhodes on the carpet by Ryder?"  I said no.  He said, "You've got to come look."  I still don't know how he got there.  It's not like Ryder to move Rhodes around, he's never done it before.  And I don't think Rhodes can quite scoot like that yet.  So I really don't know how he got there.  Unless he's a TV fanatic like his brother, therefore he would take extreme measures to make sure he's not missing out on a movie.
Rhodes is just bouncing away on his jumparoo.  Ryder likes to help get him started and then Rhodes will just take off.  While I don't want to rush time, I do look forward to the day they can play together and become the best of friends.
Monday was John Michael's birthday.  32!  We didn't have any grand plans, he said he would rather eat at home and be with the kids.  So I made his dinner request, chicken and dumplins and we watched The Polar Express with Ryder.  It was a perfect night!

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  1. Rhodes is already getting so big! Pics are precious!! Happy Birthday to JMW! So funny about the big colored lights, Craig begs for them every year but for the OUTSIDE of our house- ha! Miss you guys! xoxo