Oh Joy

The holiday season comes with lots and lots and lots and lots of gatherings.  We took a trip to Canton Friday night to celebrate John Michael's birthday with his family.
Ryder does enjoy a book reading.

Ryder is a sucker for live music.  He was clapping and bobbing his head and singing all the words to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with the band, a song in which I had no idea he knew.

Ryder's always asking me to put Rhodes on his lap or by him.  He thought it was funny when I put Rhodes on top of him.

Ryder got a new toy.  A box full of styrofoam peanuts.

Oh what fun.  This never gets old to a 3 year old.
I may or may not have let some ugly words slip when I've accidentally run into the box in the dark and kicked it and had styrofoam peanuts flying everywhere in the middle of the night.

Late night diarrhea attack...

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet God son Levi

Rhodes and Emerson

If I leave my jewelry laying around, I can always find it somewhere on Ryder.  Her he has on my three wedding rings and my bracelet.  "Mom, take my picture."

Sunday night we took dinner to Mandy and Taylor and got to meet sweet angel Charlotte!

:)   She's a doll.

"Oh joy... another picture"
Go Miss Grooms!
Kayla got teacher of the month.  Not only is this a big deal just because she's teacher of the month.  But this is her first year at this school and there have only been 4 months so far.  WOW!  That says alot!

Chick-fil-A let her invite a couple of people to have dinner with her and they had tablecloths, menu's at the table, a candle, nice napkins and silverware, real plates and real cups and a waitress to serve us.  They went all out!
I already know Kayla is an awesome teacher, but now we have proof.  I'm so very proud!!!

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