I don't know what magic potion my husband puts in his coffee each morning, but whatever it is, it's like he's on crack.  He's hippity hoppity all over the house while he's getting ready in the mornings, trying to carry on conversations with me and I just answer with a head nod.  No talking for me.  This morning in particular I was extra grumpy.  I was running super late and JM took his usual super long shower and I was waiting in line trying to get in before Rhodes woke up.  Finally it was my turn and I was a little annoyed because it was already 7:30 and I had to leave my house in 30 minutes, and I was just now in the shower.  Both kids were still asleep, bottles had to be made, Rhodes had to be fed and changed, Ryder had to be dressed and eat his cereal. This was going to be a hectic morning.  Next thing I know JM is calling into the bathroom going, "Britt look at this."  I'm ignoring him beacuse I'm too cold to poke my head around the shower curtain to see what it is that he's got to show me.  I figured it would be Ryder standing there with underwear on his head or something.  What I saw made me laugh and totally turned my grumpy morning around.  And I laughed even harder because as he was showing me, he said, "Thanks Jenny!"
He picked up his cleaners yesterday and I guess they got the pants switched up.  They were the exact same brand and color as his pants.  Just a couple sizes bigger.  Move on over Kirstie, we've got a new spokesmodel in town!!!

Happy Friday!

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