The Flute

Wish you could see, but Brooke got a panarama photo of Ryder saying the blessing and everyone's eyes closed.  It's so sweet.
Rhodesy getting all kind of attention from T, Brooke & Stewart at Wilson/Ledbetter family Christmas.
Ryder was seeing when it was time to open presents.

As soon as he pulled out his gift he exclaimed, "Awesome, my very own newspaper!!!"  He is too easy to please.

Then he kept digging and realized there was a toy gun under that newspaper.

Nap time for all.

Saturday after the family gathering we left the boys with Nanni and Grandaddy because we had a wedding to go to.  We weren't going to make it in time for the wedding so we went straight downtown to grab appetizers before the reception.  We've never tried Parlor Market before so we gave it a shot.

Our waiter came by to wish us a "Happy Anniversary" and brought two glasses of champagne.  We thought he was just being cute because we were dressed up so we just kind of laughed and said thanks.  Then we got to thinking, I bet it was someone else there's anniversary and he brought it to the wrong table, so we told him.  He thanked us because yes, that was actually meant to go to someone else for their 15th wedding anniversary.  He said he thought we looked a little young to have been married 15 years.  We thought it deserved a photo-op nonetheless.

Since the boys were staying away, we figured we would just make a night of it so we got a room at the King Edward and headed to the reception at the Old Capitol Inn.  We knew barely anyone there so we had such a great time just hanging out with each other and dancing our booty's off!

We got sweet pictures sent to us throughout the night.

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious homestyle breakfast downstairs.  It was perfect.

Then we headed to Vaughan to go to pick up our chillins and go to church there.

Ryder sang in his first church program.  They started out by singing "Away in a Manger."

By "no crib for a bed" he was ready to sit down.
Oh well, he didn't know the words anyway.

Then, Sunday night we had Christmas at my dad and Becky's.  Ryder really gets animated with his word choices when he opens gifts.  "Wow, this is AMAZING."  "This is just soooo awesome."

John Michael hadn't been feeling great all weekend, and when he woke up with the sweats late Sunday night and then the chills early Monday morning, he knew it was time to go to the doctor.  And we have jumped on the Flu bandwagon.

Ryder wants to be the doctor so bad and take care of John Michael.  On the way home from school I told him that daddy was sick and we didn't need to go in there and give him a hug because we could catch the Flu.  As soon as we got home Ryder went to get a thermometer out of his bathroom and went straight into our room to check his temperature and kept asking him why he had the "flute."  He kept going back every 30 minutes and would say, "Now daddy, are you resting?"  "You need to rest daddy if you want to feel better."  He told me to ask Jesus to make daddy's flute go away.

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