Let the planning begin

Saturday morning John Michael and I took an impromptu trip to New Orleans.  State was playing LSU in Baton Rouge.  But that's not why we went.  We went to surprise my sister and Bennett for their engagement!

She didn't know we were there (he did) and he just told us where they were after they got engaged and I was able to tap her on the shoulder and have her turn around totally not expecting me, it was great!

So sweet!

My recent lack of blogging is entirely due to spending my online time wedding planning.  It's fun though!

While we were there during the day we met up with Courtney and Casey, Walker and Tucker who were there for the Saints game.  Look at Tucker passed out in the stroller.

As soon as we pulled up to get the boys Sunday morning Ryder ran up with his flower he picked for me.

Snuggling as soon as we got home.  
We've got these 24 hour trips down to an art...

Bonding time.

Ryder refuses to leave the house without his "hood" as he calls it.

His other favorite hood.  He's just chowing down on this apple.  He's a fruit NUT.

We were excited to go to Ryder's Thanksgiving Feast.  He was pretty thrilled that we were there too.

I was quite impressed with their "performance."

Every time I pick Rhodes up from school his teachers ask me if he ever cries.  No, he doesn't!!!  He's truly the sweetest baby in the world!

Monday we were both off work for Veterans Day and got to tackle our first house decision.  We went to pick out our doors and windows.  Oh what fun!

Ryder was just fine waiting on us, watching Madagascar 3.

Yum brunch at Another Broken Egg, our first time to try it.  Delish!

Ryder always says, "Can I just hold him?"

Ryder has made it a habit to come out of his room 3-4 times after he goes down each night.  I'm a little softer to this than John Michael is.  Tonight JM was at a late church meeting so Ryder came out 4 times, about 5 minutes between each time.  Here were his four excuses:

  • "Can you cut my toenails again?  They're really big."
  • "I don't feel very good.  I keep sneezing.  What happens if you, ummm, aaah-aaah-chew, ummm, sneeze too much?"
  • "Doc McStuffin's mom tells her to crawl back into bed when she gets up.  Tell me to crawl back into bed mama."
  • "I forgot something.  Sorry." (gives me a big hug).
I just can't get mad at him for getting up, I think it's cute.  I need to toughen up a little bit.

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