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I know everybody has switched their brains over from Halloween and are now focusing on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But it wouldn't be right if I didn't post pictures of my little spiderman. 
Hanging with little brother before school. 
 When we walked in his class nobody knew who he was.  They were all pulling at his mask, it was so funny.

Please watch Spiderman in action...

Class harvest party.

Ryder was all business on this trick-or-treating.  He'd ring the bell, say trick or treat, get some candy, say thanks, and he took off for the wagon and patiently waited to be rolled to the next house.  There was no lolly-gagging here.  Some of the little boys were wanting to hang around each house and dig through the candy basket.  Not Ryder. He was ready to roll, and he didn't want to waste any time.  If the boys took longer than 30 seconds to make it back to the wagon you'd hear Ryder scream out, "Come ON guys!!!"

After trick or treating for a bit, Ryder was over his costume.

Ryder has become very obsessed with "math" if you will. He likes to group things into different sets and figure out which group has the most, which group has the least and which group is in the middle.  I guess he gets it honest, his dad did major in math.

When we need to get out of the house, we ride out to the land.  Not much to see, but it's still a place to let Ryder run around.  This particular trip we were checking to see which trees we needed to get cut down before the guys came out.  Unfortunately this one had to go :(   It was right smack dab where the house needs to be.
This was Thursday.

This was Friday.  Oops, he's not real happy his tree is gone.

But he found something to lift his spirits.

How long can a boy look for sticks and logs before he gets tired?
Saturday morning we had a fun brunch to eat while watching the game.  Cinnamon rolls, sausage balls and fruit, his faves.

Rhodes' mouth was watering just watching us eat :(

Kayla came over to visit.  Everything was going great until she felt a nice warm sensation...


I didn't leave the house all weekend except for going to church on Sunday.  Much time was spent out on the nice "patio"

Ryder found great pleasure in picking berries.  He pulled off probably a hundred little green berries off that bush behind the railing (not sure what they really are).  He filled an entire solo cup with them.  He said he was making berry pie.  We brought very few toys to the apartment due to lack of space, so we've really improvised and I think we've done a good job.  Ryder has become much more creative since the move!

What a grin!  School Christmas Picture time.

Rhodes has made it clear these last couple professional picture times that he would rather not be taking part in the situation.
Since the time has changed, we told Ryder he had a new bedtime, which is 7:30. He's been getting in bed about 8 and it takes close to 30 minutes before I can leave his room by the time we read one book, tell a "looooong story", sing 2 songs and say prayers. And before, he wouldn't get in bed until it was dark outside. So now that it's dark earlier, he's much more accepting of his new bedtime. And he's now obsessed with watching the clock to tell us when it's "seven three oh." At least it's like a game to him and you better believe he wants to win the game!

However, the new bedtime has resulted in an early waketime. This morning he walked in my room at 5:00 a.m. (we normally don't wake up until 7). No "good morning mommy", no "I want some milk", but... "Mommy, can you cut my toenails?" He said his sharp toenails woke him up...

Ryder has been requesting new siblings lately.  For several weeks he's been asking God in his prayers for a sister.  He said he has one brother and he wants one sister.  Now he's changed his request to 3 more brothers.  He's named one of them Sparkle Joseph Noah's Arc.  The others don't have names.  He's mainly concerned about where these 3 new brothers will sleep.  He's afraid they won't all fit in Rhodes' crib, he says.
Let me share a good, easy recipe. 
Chicken, Potatoes and a Veggie
  • 4 chicken breasts, thawed
  • 2 can green beans - or fresh (or any vegetable - I would've chosen broccoli JM and Ryder would eat it)
  • 6 red potatoes, cut into fours
Pour everything into a dish as you see in the photo.  Put the veggie on one side, chicken in the middle, and potatoes on the other side.  I seasoned the potatoes and chicken with Lawry's seasoning salt, cavenders seasoning, salt and pepper.  I just seasoned the beans with salt and pepper.  Cook on 350 for about an hour.  I made rolls and whaaa la, it was a full meal that only took 5-10 minutes to prepare.

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  1. Okay the poop on the shirt and the toe-nails made me laugh!