We had a FANTASTIC friendcation with the Fyke's to Orange Beach.  I just uploaded a large amount of photos and none of them popped up in order.  Not about to fix it either.

Thumbs up for Cobalt! The next day we were discussing where we should eat for dinner.  Todd suggested we eat at "Cobie" again.  We had to first explain that it's called CoBALT.  Second who goes to the same restaurant twice on a vacation!?!?!  

Lindsey and I got a little R and R after our husbands got back from a morning of golf.  Of course when we were out and about, all four kids napped for four hours!!!

We went 3 for 3 on perfect beach days.

The boys couldn't have behaved better.  They had so much fun.

On the way home (remember these are totally out of order) we stopped to do the Battleship Tour in Mobile.  I'm sure it's really cool for a lot of people, but I thought I was going to fall out from claustrophobia.  There are way to many little walk thru compartments in that place.  It also reminded me why I will never ever go on a cruise ship again.

Ryder and his seashell collection didn't spend much time apart on this trip, even during sleep.

Well this was as soon as we got to the beach.  Lunch at Sea n Suds.  I've got to mention... Todd suggested we go here again as well!!!!!

I am so glad Lindsey had the bright idea to get a condo on the ground floor.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do anything different.  While the boys napped we were able to still sit at the pool with the baby monitor because the pool was literally right outside our back door.  Genius!!!  Also, it was mighty nice to walk out of our condo door and right up to our car.  No elevator wait!

We couldn't keep these two out of the water.

Rhodes likes to people-watch on the beach.

Rhodes was hoping for a nude beach!!!

Foam party!

Levi and Ryder are in line for the massive trampoline jump.

Winding down for the night is not hard to do after being at the beach all day!

Great group of guys right there!

Ryder was really excited about his first night in a bunk bed.  Until Rhodes wouldn't sleep without him. And no way was Rhodes sleeping up there with him.  So unfortunately Ryder had to scratch those plans.

See that little balcony right behind them to the right?  Yep.  Our room.  The Fyke's room was the one on the left. So convenient.

I think this was somewhere around 8:15 a.m.  Yeah we got going early.  I was still drinking coffee out there.  In 90 degree heat.  But I needed caffeine.

You know it's hot when Wilson children drink WATER!

Ryder's version of buried in the sand.

vs. Rhodes version of buried in the sand.

Our crew!

I hope we can do that for 100 more summers!


  1. So cute! Looks like y'all had the best time!

  2. Looks awesome! Where did y'all stay in Orange Beach?